Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's first half of F.rance vs R.omania. B is fast asleep on the sofa (2 minutes after drinking the nescafe I prepared for him, tak nak ngantuk konon!). Konon nak tengok dua2 game malam ni :). But he did ask me to wake him up for the second game tonight, I had activated my handphone's alarm. Entah2 aku pun tertido sama :D

Work dah start busy coz weekend ni ada exam, one of the account that I'm responsible for. And for the first time of my career life, I'll be outstation this weekend..hahah ayat jakun. Orang lain outstation sampai ke obersea, aku pegi K.uantan je. Why K.uantan? For this particular account, I could go to L.umut, K.luang, T.erendak, K.elantan. There's KK, L.abuan, K.uching, S.emporna and A.Setar but we can always have our branch staffs to go..so out of question la. I was supposed to go to T.erendak, but then the K.uantan guy could not make it and I had to step in. B suka la sbb dah lama tak jumpa niece and nephew dia kat sana but he could only join me on Friday night. I had to depart Friday morning as exams will start at 3pm. And yes I had to work on the weekends too this time, but win-win situation. I got to earn money and not forgetting experience and B got to spend time with his brother and family. I doubt it that I'll be able to go to the beach as exams will finish at 6pm... dah lama la tak pegi beach!! I got to remind myself this is work, not vacation.

Apa lagi yek? Takde la mende2 happening nak update pun. I miss my friends, bila la nak meet up ni? It's already half year la. Ok, game dah start balik...till later.


U.Lee said...

Wow! You enjoy football? Metoo, but sini they hardly show on TV except World cup.
Ahhh, you pergi di Kuantan? No chance pergi Teluk Chimpedak? Hered the rojak there is good from a friend.
My last trip there in 1986.
You have a good time, and a safetrip, Lee.

aisha said...

Akak, gi kuantan this weekend? good!! saya pun balik kuantan ujung minggu nih.. dating nak? leh gi jalan2.. tp saya jalan kuantan pun fail... hehhee.. jom?

Amy said...

Uncle Lee - Yeap, I like watching football. But being an emotional woman, I can't keep my mouth shut and grumbled about the players hihihihi.. if my team kalah pun I cried.. haha. Teluk Chempedak? See how la Uncle Lee, I only have night time to spend. T.C pun no longer as nice as last time when I was a kid. 1986? I was in standard 3 then :). Thanks Uncle Lee.

Sha - Siyesss?? I'll call you nanti tapi rasanya masa sgt suntuk, ye la ada malam je kan and sure nak gi visit abang dia..tengok camner ok. I promised I'll call ya dek.

Zetty said...

i will be in kuantan too on Sunday!!

viva Kuantan hehe.

-makcik loves germany

Azrul said...

keje pon keje gak amy, tapi hati mesti kasi happy. menyelam sambil minum air la.