Monday, November 17, 2008

Wake me up when November ends

Sangat busy..exam season. Lunch after 3pm dah jadi normal. Been working for 3 consecutive weekends, campur this coming weekend nanti, 4 consecutive weeks. I've missed open houses, friends' kid's birthdays, it. Bad friend.

Apologized for not updating. Lots to tell and pictures to share but it just had to wait.

Busy kat opis pun, malam2 takkan tak boleh update kan? But I slept at 8pm almost everyday due to tiredness. I just didn't have the mood to update. No mood to attend to the piles of clothes to be folded. Ada selonggok depan TV, berlonggok2 dlm bakul nak basuh.

Thank God for an understanding husband - who lets me sleep without disturbance when I really need to rest, who is willing to eat outside food as I don't have the mood to cook (masa ni la nak guna alasan tak nak masak!:P), and lending his ears and shoulders when I grumble, accompanying me finishing my work during late nights and singing along to rock kapak songs and also jadi tukang urut kaki dan bahu :P.

Breathe in, breathe out....I so can't wait for November to be over although this is my favorite month :P.

Next event : Hubby's birthday on 20th Nov

Till later, take care people.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

dah, dah, 20hb ni, SILA amek cuti eh. ;-D

Amy said...

Oh akak...I can only dream of it.

Nomee said...

Ok lah. Reasons yang boleh diterima pakai. Jaga kesihatan jugak tau! Muah!

Pp said...

fuiyoooo sibuk tersangat itu amy......
ermmm, wish i can say 'slow down' tapi tapi tapi.....nanti apa pulak lah penderaand ari bos amy tu hehehe

happy besday terawal untuk hubby en zul dari saya.

abg id

Amy said...

Nomee - Hehheeh...nanti dah ok aku update le :)

Abg Id - Tak tahu nak cakap camne. Tapi badan pun dah letih ni :P. Thank you for the birthday wish