Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa

Dear Nur Adrina Alissa,

Angah would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. May you are blessed with health and happiness in Qatar.

I got up today at 6.40am for Subuh and to prepare breakfast for your Pak Ngah. And I saw the SMS from your dad. It broke my heart, coz I knew he misses you, even more on your birthday today. And I broke down in the kitchen, Pak Ngah pun heran. I could have gone back to sleep after he left for work just now, being a public holiday, and being the only break day I had after 18 consecutive days of working..but I just can't. Keep on thinking about you, and your sister and brothers.

I was just telling the girls last night that I don't like to post sad/unhappy things in my blog. But sometimes it's necessary. Sometimes I write what I am feeling at that particular moment, without even thinking that my friends, my cousins are reading my blog. Now, even my office colleagues are reading this. Must remind myself to talk less about work!

I (read: We) have exhausted ways to keep in touch with you. I hope by publishing this, with your full name will get you to me. I am sure your (only) grandparents (left) misses all of you. They just don't talk about it coz it hurts. You might not have any idea how hurt we are, but I know in 6-7 years to come, you are old enough to understand and hopefully, wise enough to know and realized that your dad, Angah, Acu, Tok Mama and Wan love and miss you all.

And I've never lost hope that you'll find your way to me, sayang.

Lisa (far right)


Anonymous said...

*hugs Amy* blood is thicker than water ... hidup ini mesti ada harapan, biar pun sekecil mana ... berusaha dan berdoa, selainnya atas kehendak DIA .. insyaALlah ..

Amy said...

Ai Ling eh? Thansk *hugs*

New Leaf said...

moga2 all of you can sit together having a meal and catch up on happenings in each other lives. Take care sis..

Amy said...

New Leaf - Kat Qatar ke kat Malaysia? *sigh* I really miss her la sis. And dah lost contact. Long story :(