Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The day it's 090909

Nice date huh? Tumpang teringat ni, a birthday shout out to Shareen Samat and my cousin, Haiza. Moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, Amin...

What else..pejam celik pejam celik, we barely have another 1 1/2 weeks before Raya, and my lil sis is coming home this Sunday from Umrah..jap je rasa masa berlalu.

Tak tahu nak describe what I'm feeling right now, work life has been quite challenging. No, I'm not depressed about the's other things. Funny when people make fun of your difficulties and challenges that you have to face. My theory of why people like to make fun on challenging situations are :

a) They are actually jealous with the challenges (ada ke?)
b) Dah memang nature dia camtu
c) Inferiority, which of course susah nak admit

Pilih la mana2 satu. I don't actually care. Walaupun telinga ni panas, I'm actually quite surprised with how I'm getting used to this whole thing. Just keep on reminding myself what Mama and Hubby had been telling me - Ada hikmah di sebaliknya. That's my mantra now. And if this doesn't turn out like how I hoped for, it's not the end of the world, I would have to find my way. I'm not gonna give up, just yet.

I remembered sharing my thoughts here when I'm making my decision to move to my current job, I think it was Laila who commented that I must be ready with the fact that it's not easy to 'start' all over again..dulu dah keje 5 tahun and everything dlm fingertips, keje tempat baru I kinda have to earn the respect back. Betul cakap Laila. Well, I didn't realized it's quite hard to gain it back. Baru one year plus kan. Apala sangat capability aku compared to others yg dah keje 5-6 tahun,or so they thought. Although I always thought that the number of working years has no relation to your capabilities, I still have to accept that different working place has different set of 'rules' or perception.

Arghhh, this post is going nowhere. Aku bengang je kut..hope this feeling will subside soon. Ke PMS? :P


shell said...

thanks amy, uih.. nama penuh tuh.

I'll be in similar shoes in Oct... belum masuk lagi pun dah ramai commented on why i took just an exec position. *sigh*

tak tau lah berapa lama i can tahan.

Amy said...

*sigh* welcome to my world. :) Some people underestimate sbb kita newbie, some people expect too high sbb kita senior exec. Sometimes I just don't know where I stand..buat je la keje dan tahan tinger :)

-LaiLa- said...

I ke tue? hehehe... tak pe Amy... show your substance... itu akan buat orang terdiam...

Amy said...

Rasanya you la Laila..hehe ingat sampai sekarang. Slowly learning.

Arena said...

Takpe babe sabar. Tak penting org respect ke org nak make fun ke, janji kita dah buat sehabis baik tu jelah. We know our capability, tak perlu proof kat sesapa. So jangan sedih2 ok..Aku ni pon entah2 blah jugak dalam jangka masa terdekat nih hahaha..maybe not..tengoklah macamana2..

Nomee said...

A'haaa Amy.
Kau buat kerja je. Buat dek je. Jgn buat-buat bodoh. Jgn pulak buat-buat pandai. hehehe. Lama-lama nati ok lah. Bertahan ok.

Amy said...

Che Na - Rindu! *hugs* Tah la babe, kalau dah selalu sgt, panas gak tinger ni. Sabar, sabar.

Nomee - Thanks Nomee..:)