Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Maybank should give me free tickets to Legoland?

This would be my first time entering a blogging competition :). Maybank is offering free tickets to our Legoland Malaysia and the contest ends tonight at 11.59pm. I've been looking for old pictures of me and my cousin playing with Lego when we were small and I found it. Alhamdulillah. So here goes:

Why Maybank should give me free tickets to Legoland? Well, I have three main reasons:
Reason No 1 : I grew up with Lego

I am an avid fan of Lego. Loveee the red bricks, the green Christmas trees, the green-colored base where my brother and I would build houses complete with car garage and rooftops.I have fond memories playing Lego with my elder brother and younger sister. My dad would also buy the small cars from HotWheels to complement the house/shophouses/restaurants that we build. My brother is more creative than his two sisters and sometimes he would build a whole town with all the bricks, and parking areas and we would spend hours playing in our house. We still have bit and pieces of this Lego, now being inherited to my nephews. Lego definitely build children's creativity and imagination which enhance the learning experience. By winning the tickets, I would have the opportunity to re-visit my childhood memories.

Reason No 2 : I am a blogger
With me winning the tickets, of course I would then blog more about my experience in Legoland and also promote Maybank. No doubt Maybank is one of the leading banks in Malaysia but what puts Maybank ahead from others is definitely the level of customer service rendered. I am already a satisfied customer and this (tickets) would definitely make me love you more :)

Reason No 3 : It's our 9th Anniversary

It might sound lame, but this December would mark our 9th wedding anniversary. So, winning this ticket would be a nice way to celebrate our anniversary in Legoland. I can then show my husband the Lego world, the game that I love most during my childhood days and also to try all the games there. It would be the best 9th wedding anniversary present!

Picture taken here
So, please Maybank, you should award me the free tickets to Legoland. Thank you :)


Hiemash Erdawathy Hussain said...

good one and good luck dear :)

Amy said...

Tq Mash..hihi ramai siot masuk contest ni..

Mas Rahim said...

good luck amy;-))

Amy said...

Suka2 je ni manalah tahu dpt. English berterabur!