Friday, January 12, 2007

Adikku yg mengada..

Since hubby dok ada kat opis lagi for his takraw session,I went downstairs for dinner a bit late just now..8.30pm, turun je bawah nampak mama ngan Tiyah lepak depan TV..join sekali la and wanted to ask mama to accompany me to the kitchen, roti cicah kurma daging she made.. Belum sempat, then..

Mama : Tiyah demam..
Me : So? (Dgn nada malas nak layan :P)
Tiyah : Nak burger (muka kesian)
Me : CeSs..nak burger mahal la tu (McDonalds)
Tiyah : Takkkkkk.. nak burger murah je (Ramlee burger)
Me : (Dalam hati) Selamat dia tak pau aku nak yg mahal2.

Hmmm, burger murah ke burger mahal ke, kenala aku kuar gak gi belikan. Nasib baik la Kelana Jaya ni penuh dgn stall burger Ramlee..iiihihi. Ngada tau adik aku sorang ni. Nasib baik dia dapat kakak yg baik cam aku, kan? *grins*

Dulu2 masa kecik, if one of us demam, the others will get excited sbb tahu Ayah mesti belikan KFC... tak tahu naper tapi lepas makan KFC, rasa bleh baik je demam. Hahaha psychology kut. Masih terngiang2 (skema gila BM aku) kat telinga ni ayah cakap "Demam ye? Nanti ayah beli KFC ok?".*Sebak* Tapi kitaorg demam pun once in a blue moon jek.. ayah punya peti ubat kat dlm store tu pergh ngalahkan First Aid Kit ok? It ranges from Panadol to Bonjela to chinese ointments.The moment dia catch any of the flu or fever symptoms, he would quickly go to his Magic Box and we would be ok. Of course kalau tak kebah2 jugak, he will urge us to go the clinic to see the expert la.

It's been 25 years and the Magic Box is still there. If tetiba aku rasa sakit kepala ke, flu ke I'll just go and open his Magic Box and all the panadol, ActiFast (betul ke spelling) are there, well stocked up by him or me. Even hubby cakap aku ni mmg macam ayah aku. Kalau aku travel mana2 dgn dia, balik kampung dia or go holiday, aku mesti make sure bawa Panadol, krim luka (for what?), ointments..tah la, dah jadi habit. Coz aku selalu nak prepare for 'if anything happen'...

Oh, talking about that. I remembered our first balik kampung together after becoming husband and wife. As usual, I will write down in detail what to bring so that I won't forget. As I was reading the list, he came into the room and I quickly crumpled the paper and hide it behind my back but unfortunately he saw and wanted to see, much to my dismay. The moment he sees the list, he laughed his head off. Geram gila!! Grrrr. And when I explained that it's my habit coz I see Ayah doing it, lagi dia gelak. Kuwang hasam.

But now after 3 years, he sort of understand kut. Although I sometimes drive him nuts by wanted to plan everything whereas he is just the we'll-see-as-it-goes type.. I sometimes wonder how these 2 totally opposite people, can live together all this while and still survive.. insyallah. I pray and hope so.

Psycho la aku ni..I'm a weirdo.. and how I could melalut sampai sini just from my sister's fever story. Go figure!

Hubby actually believe he could reduce his tummy size by playing takraw... but when I buy him chocolates, tak menolak plak *evil grin*


neomesuff said...

MUTUAL - I like to do CHECKLIST too ! Men esp nowadays - are too 'adventurous' - janji sayang and trust - tht keep ppl together..
ish banyak lak comment hari ni..sori yek hehe

Amy said...

Yup neomesuff.. even my 'TO DO LIST' at work pun dah panjang berjela and I did it almost every night keeping the urgent things on top priority. I am forgetful, that's why I need the checklist and also my Outlook Calendar..very the kuno, org lain guna PDA eheehe
Takpe, comment je banyak2..i'm glad you drop by.