Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Ayah!

Picture taken when I was almost 1 year old, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Rumah Damansara, when I was 5, mama pregnant with Tiyah ;)

8th January 2007

Today ayah turns 61..

When I greet him and wish him Happy Birthday in the kitchen this morning

He was having his breakfast, fried rice he made and asked me to bring it to the office
Yeah, as usual, ayah punya nasi goreng memang best

And his bihun hailam is to-die-for, lazat

Not all men are like my Ayah

Who knows how to cook, and clean the kitchen

Not even my hubby :P

And how my ayah pampered mama with so much love

Till I wish I will grow old with hubby like ayah and mama
Ayah is my hero that I look up to

He is the reason that I studied hard

Coz I wanna be like him, academically and profesionally

And I still remember how Ayah will always be there

When I was doing my homework, doing my revision

Sometimes I didn't realize that I'm just like him
Mama said I am as determined as him, bossy like him

Always wanted to plan everything in advanced like him
How I'm hooked to the comics in the newspaper

And I'm the only one in my siblings who like to read Reader's Digest, just like him

And heck, I even resemble him in so many ways, my eyes, my lips, my hair

When I was little and I followed my father to his office
People will always come up to me

And said "Ni mesti anak En Hadi kan? Sebijik"

And sorry Ayah for all my misbehaviour while I grow up

Sorry that I always pretend to sleep in the car when I was little

So that you would carry me to bed and tuck me in

Sorry that you need to bribe me with comics
Whenever I refused to go to the dentist

Sorry that I lost the first car that you bought me (I miss my Honda, damn thieves!)

Sorry for involving in so many accidents in my driving life

Sorry that sometimes I blurted out words that would hurt your feelings

Thank you Ayah, for bringing me up with so much love and care

For bringing us to various holiday trips
For being the ultimate banker and our mobile ATM :P

For paying my car insurance and allowing me to pay you in installments ehehe

For accepting my hubby and treat him like your own son

Which sometimes I feel that you love him more than me :)

I can barely remember the last time you said "I love you"

Coz you showed your love with your action, not words

But I still remember, my akad nikah day

When your eyes were red

Mama said you were sad and happy at the same time

To let go her first daughter in another man's responsibility

Don't worry Ayah, insyallah I'm in good hands now

And I will still be your little girl, always!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH..Love you so much..


konot said...

happy birthday to your dad!
huhuhuh..sedey plak aku baca post nko.. teringat kat ayah aku plak.. i lap u ayah!

Anonymous said...

Ala hai.. bergenang air mata aku baca blog kau hari ni. Rasa macam nak hantar surat kat abah aku lak (ayah aku tak baca e-mail..)


Maff said...

Ya la..
Emo la plak. Ingat kat ayah kita gak. Sayang ayah kita sangat jugak!

Amy said...

Konot, Nomee, Maff...
Of course my Ayah takkan terbaca ni punya, unless ada kawan dia yg ada blog la eeehe.. I only got to say I love you jek. Kalau nak cakap mende2 yg aku post tu, baru cakap first baris, sure aku dah nangis beringus2 dah..i think i prefer to express my thoughts in writing kut. Kalau nak luah depan2, kelu lidah :P

Zetty said...

i personally believe that we have to tell Ayah how we feels. If it make us cry buckets to express our feelings and to say i love u...let it be. kita tak tau bila lagi kita ada kesempatan yg sama nak buat macam tu.

happy bday to Ayah amy. semoga dipanjangkan ayah dan dimurahkan rezeki.

u'r such a nice person, he must be really proud of u.

Amy said...

Zetty, i know what u meant. Somehow, I got addicted to your blog after reading about ur dad..

I'm nice? U don't really know me Zetty..hihih tapi saya tak la sekejam mana.. bleh la nak buat kawan :P

hiemash said...

yup...agreed with zetty. Amy is a nice person to be friend with.. eventho we only know each other less than 2years...betul tak amy?

Amy said...

Hehehe Hiemash..mekasih for that. Aku pun masih ingat kat ko walaupun lama giler tak jumpa...and still remember yg ko suka gelak..gelak ko tu bleh buat aku jadik gelak gak hahahha

hiemash said...

i'm touched. at least somebody is still remebering me ;)

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