Friday, February 02, 2007

Girl Power!!

Taken from Star Online News...a happy news.

Malaysian duo are champs in Amazing Race Asia

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian team Tee Joe Jer and Zabrina Fernandez did the country proud when they emerged champions of the first Amazing Race Asia.

The two are also the first ever all-girl team to win an Amazing Race competition.

Team spirit: Zabrina (right) and Tee reading a clue for the race. They beat nine other teams from Asia to win the US$100,000 (RM365,000) cash prize.
In yesterday’s series finale, aired over Astro’s AXN channel, the best friends/colleagues beat Hong Kong team, expatriates Francesca von Etzdorf, 27, and Sandy Sydney, 29; and Andrew Tan, 26, and Syeon Park, 28, (Tan is Malaysian while Park Korean-Australian) to win the US$100,000 (RM365,000) cash prize.

Tee, 29, and Zabrina, 26, proved their mettle as they arrived first at the final pit stop at the Bako National Park in Sarawak, warmly welcomed by host Allan Wu and other teams which were eliminated from the race.

Zabrina, in a telephone interview last night, described the race as “amazing”, adding that she and Tee only thought they had a real chance of winning when they got off the boat to the final pit stop.

“It was only when we were on the beach that we thought it could be us!”.

In the final, the gutsy women held hands and prayed as their boat approached the final pit stop.

The final leg of the race came a full circle back to Malaysia where viewers saw the race kicked off in November last year. “Joe Jer and Zabrina” had been in full gear from the very beginning – one of their tasks was in Dubai (their pit stop last week) where they had to piece together a jigsaw of the Visit Malaysia 2007 logo.

The inaugural Amazing Race Asia saw 10 teams from Asia racing through 15 cities, covering 36,000km to vie for the prize money. The Amazing Race Asia is a regional production that was adapted from the original US format of The Amazing Race and tailor-made for the Asian market.

Zabrina, who caught the final episode with her parents at a club in Kuala Lumpur said she was touched by the support she and Tee received.

“We started out taking part in the race for ourselves and families. Then, we realised we were also racing for our country and that felt great.

“I cried a little on the mat when we won but I think I cried more now (last night). It has been almost a year from the time we first signed up and watching it all again was quite an emotional experience,” Zabrina said.

I just wished Andrew and Syeon got the second place sbb every week, diaorg macam consistent jek, this week luck is not on their side. Apa2 pun, team Malaysia menang! The girls plak tu.. dapat USD$100,000...convert ke ringgit Malaysia...pergh makcik kayOO! Kalau tak tau nak buat apa dgn duit tu, meh campak sket kat saya yg dah pokai ni, sekian ehehehhe

Have a nice weekend everybody, am going back Pahang tonight with hubby for the weekend. I've made some muffins to bring back with me. Hopefully, my mother in law would like it.

p/s : If she doesn't like it, I'll get all the muffins to myself :D


cikPijah said...

wohoo!!! i knoww!! best kann!! adek ma.cha menanggg!! whopppeeedooooo!!!

Arena said...

Hi Amy,
i really thot andrew and syeon would win, since they were very smart and tough on previous episodes.. anyways i like the girls team too. cayalah..

Amy said...

Heeheh cik pijah.. aku dok tepuk tangan sorang2 depan TV last nite since i'm the only one in the house who is a sucker for reality shows!!

Arena - Tu la, i really thot andrew and syeon would win, or at least 2nd, so that top 2 are malaysians. Sian tengok muka andrew yg frust tu. He's cute gak kan? :D

Dilla said...

Yeay Adik Zachy menang!!!!

Kitorang pun tak miss menatang ni. Addictive...

Well, ok.. except masa the SkiDubai part coz we were also in Dubai... wakakakaka

Amy said...

Ler..Zabrina tu adik Zachy ke kak? PAdanla cik pijah kata adik machaa kat atas tu..hmmm..
Dah update belum Dubai Part 2 ni? Cepat sket..aku dapat MC 3 hari ni..bleh la baca banyak2 :P