Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Wedding & A Fire

It was a busy weekend and I only managed to do half of the laundry *sigh*. Friday night after work, drive Mama to her best friend's house (yg belikan Mama birthday cake from Secret Recipe tuh) to finish up the hantaran decorations. Below are some of Mama punya 'touch'.
Went back only around midnite, next morning dragged myself to go for the nikah cermony. It was done in the new mosque near Tasik Kelana Jaya. Besar dan cantik, I like. Ada lift plak tu. Akad nikah went smoothly, cuma pengantin lelaki kena lafaz 2 kali sbb first time tersekat-sekat. And the kenduri was held there at the mosque as well. It was a small gathering for family and friends only as it was a second marriage for both of them. He lost his wife previously for cancer and bride plak jodoh tak panjang in first marriage. Their children were very supportive of this unison.
I rushed to office in the afternoon to invigilate exam. It was the longest 3 hours exam that I ever invigilated. Ngantuk gila and it feels like forever. The last 10 minutes of the exam felt like 10 million hours..ehehehh abis jek exam aku terus chow.

Today, the whole family went to Seremban for the wedding on the groom's side. Kak Ta looked gorgeous in her off white wedding dress, aku suka sangat. Below are more pictures. I sincerely hope for the best to both of them at this second chance of happiness after what she had suffered in her first marriage. Moga kekal ke akhir hayat..AMIN.
Balik dari Seremban, kepala aku dah ding dong, telan Ponstan and I slept the whole evening, with hubby by my side playing his online game. After Maghrib tadi, went to Sunway Pyramid to have our dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet. On our way back (I decided to drive as he was tired and full), ingat nak lalu jalan belakang in between the spare part shops to LDP, tapi ada kereta polis blocked the way and instructed us to use another way. Ingat ke ada robbery, rupanya bila lalu depan, ada kedai corner lot terbakar. I stopped at red ligt and hubby grabbed my camera in my handbag and start snapping pictures. It was a brief moment, tak sempat nak suruh dia set mode on the camera to better capture the fire, so picture turned out so-so la. Even when he wind down the window, bleh rasa bahang panas tu walaupun jauh. There were a lot of on-lookers on the roadside and some cars parked tapi traffic tak so congested la.
How I wish the weekend is think of it, I had the same wish every Sunday night for years :P


ween said...

hi amy, howw are you? you've been tagged. pls proceed to my blog

Amy said...

I'm fine Ween. Thanks for asking. Amy dah buat dah..aahhaa abis la reveal pasal Amy ni :P