Monday, April 09, 2007

A Farewell, Two weddings and An Engagement

Tskk, tskk..another full weekend..nevertheless, it was fun.
Friday after work, my colleagues and I went to this restaurant, WaterLily Cafe in Puchong for a farewell dinner as one of my colleague, WL will be moving on to a new company. Good Luck to her.. dinner was delicious, and we shared some jokes, real crude ones as well as bitching about who's going out with who..whoAa.. banyak gossip baru :D

Saturday, I went to work..lots and lots of things to do and prepare for that important week starting on 16th April. I've also started to bring back some work and would be busy with lots of papers in my room for the next 1 week or so. SheesHH..
Saturday night, went to the Masjid Wilayah for a wedding ceremony with Ayah & Tiyah. B was so tired after coming back from work that he doze off by 8pm. While Ayah, Tiyah and me arrived at the mosque, Mama called and told us she had arrived from Cambodia and was on the way home with the neighbours. The wedding ceremony was for my uncle who re-marry after my auntie passed away in 2004. My cousins looked calm, but only God knows their feeling at that moment. I just be there to show our support. It was great to catch up with my cousins, anak diaorg pun dah besar2.One of my cousins keluar kat TV8 almost everyday coz she's the Hot FM's producer...and one of my cousin is now pregnant with the 7th child. Cayalah! And she still look so hot. Oh, masjid tu sangat cantik, kinda remind me of the Terengganu's floating mosque. Cuma rasa awkward sbb makan at the table with our bare feet sbb kasut semua kena tinggalkan kat luar. And Tiyah also had to wear tudung coz you know, kena masuk masjid and all. She really looks like mualaf when she wears tudung sbb muka dia cam Chinese, don't you think so?
Sunday afternoon, pegi one of my friend's wedding, Ain. Went with Mel. Snap-snap pictures. Pastu makan. Lauk dia punya la sedappppp.. ehehheh. Initially, we wanted to wait for the bersanding ceremony. Tengah tunggu tu, ternampak Myza and hubby. Diaorg pun datang coz Myza's hubby pun kawan dgn pengantin. Their son was sleeping in the stroller. I offered to babysit (berani la sbb Danish tengah tido ehehhe) while they go and eat. Tengah bosan nunggu pengantin sampai tu, aku snap lagi pictures and Danish yg tengah tido pun jadik mangsa camera aku. Aku sempat kacau2 Danish tido sampai dia terjaga and ngamuk2..jahatnya aunty amy nih..tengok jam, arghhh dah tak sempat nak nunggu pengantin dah, I got to run sbb ada engagement to attend to by 3pm.
Arrived in Keramat by 3.05pm, nasib baik rombongan lelaki belum sampai. So happy to see Adam there..tengah orang bincang2 pasal pertunangan tu, dia dok main cak-cak kejap dgn atok dia, kejap dgn aku..iskk. Tengok gambo kat bawah ni, dia lepak duduk kat Ayah punya lap. So manja!
So, itu je la update weekend saya.. now, back to work (yeah, it's 1.45am. I know I'm crazy)


Fina said...

lain kali datang puchong meh le singgah umah bakal besan kau ni kat taman putra perdana ehhh.....

Amy said...

Keh keh..Taman Putra Perdana ek? Macam pernah sampai jek.. so ko nak masak apa kalau aku dtg? Aku nak home-made lasagna bleh? :D

Azrul said...

hmmm....aku nih dah la tgh lapor. ko plak citer pasal makan2 eh....lagi la lapor aku nih....cepat la pukul 1