Friday, April 06, 2007

It never felt this lonely..

I knew this would happen someday..
For the first time after he started job at this new place..
He called and said he needs to spend the night at Klang..
I know it's not worth it to come home all the way just for an eyeshut..
And leave for Klang again early in the morning tomorrow..
But I never felt this lonely before, it's just unbearable..
And I miss him terribly..
I'm feeling like a sick teenager in love..

Oh yes, this is the time you start rolling your eyes, readers :D Thank you.


Arena said...


I feel ya.. I always feel lonely, bila aku travel, alone in a strange country..takpe nanti jumpe balik mesti best..

Amy said...


Masalahnya aku ngada/manja sangat. Tak bleh nak pisah..kalau aku dok travel London macam ko, mahu meraung aku kat sana. Masa becinta dulu pun, aku gi vacation ke London dgn family tu, aku mula2 dok sms je dgn dia, last2 aku call hari2..RM1K weh bill aku. Ha'ah, bila jumpa balik mmg best. Dia tido kat Klang satu malam je,tapi aku rasa lama gilaa..dia balik je semalam ala-ala hindustan kitaorg, peluk lama2. Geli kan? Heeeehehe :)

Amy said...

Weh Arena, ko comment kul 2am, sure dah tido pastu terjaga balik macam aku ni..:)

Arena said...

Muahahha, u caught me there.. aku terjaga last2 aku gi blog hop sumer blog kengkawan sebab aku dah lama sangat tak jenguk.. blogger bodo ni buat hal lak tuh..susah noo nak komen..

Inn said...

i think it's great that u feel that way after years of marriage.

almost at least one day in a week, i would hear my officemates whine about their marriage.. some of them only about 3 years together and most have 1-2 kids. they even told me it's consider rare that they have a make-out session at least once a month. their life turn into a routine of problem solving rather than a joyous celebration of love.

when i cant understand why things are like dat they always tell me "u wait la till u get married..."

dunno la. but i rather fill my head with examples of happy stories.

Azrul said...

been there done that. but one night is nothing la dude :)

try being pregnant and u only get to see ur husband on weekends for the whole pregnancy. :) respect ah sama wife aku :)

lain orang lain cara eh. yg penting kita respect.

aku lapor la

neomesuff said...

did not roll my eyes...
I love people who are always in love
Whatever it is...keep smiling ;-)

Amy said...

Inn - It's not all bed of roses la. Kadang2 gado gak..sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit kan org kata. But most of the time, aku yg slalu make scene eeeheehe. Aiyark, kalau u dengar cerita2/whining org dah kahwin ni, jgn plak u phobia. Having to share your life with that special someone is worth it la, trust me! Mmg le a bit tough adjusting to him after marriage.. sbb u don't get to see their true colors till u live with them. Ada banyak give and take involve.. once you survived it, it will be a pleasant journey. I sincerely wish you will find that true love, insyallah. By the way,barely once a month? eww, that's scary? Guess I'm lucky then ;P

Azrul - One night might be nothing to you, but it matters to me la.. ehehhe sbb aku tak pernah kena tinggal. Ada satu time tu aku balik Perlis sorang sbb cousin aku kawin, and hubby lak kena keje. Sedih gila aku masa nak cakap goodbye, padahal aku balik satu malam je :P. Gua respect la bini ko. So, kalau respect dia, sayang la dia banyak2 tau.. bukan senang wOo pompuan nak berkorban camtu. Isk ko ni, lapor jekkk.. hek hek.

Neomesuff - Hihihi..I am in love with him. He might not be the richest person or the most good looking man, but he is mine. And to have someone who put up with me all these years, I couldn't have ask for more. Tapi biasala kan, bila angin datang, argue gak...bukan all the time je baik semuanya..
Oh, this week is not an easy week to smile, eeeheehe tension dgn keje. Dah update blog ke belum ni?