Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I forecast a great weekend ahead :D

Whooaa! It's just Wednesday and here I am talking about weekend already? Reason being, today will be my last day at work!....for this week la. How I wish I could say today is my last day of work here or my last day of working life..(berangan tak hengatt punya :D). I'm taking leave on Thursday and Friday - saja je nak use up my Annual Leave. 2 out of 5 times that I plan for annual leave, I will end up cancelling my leave sbb banyak keje. This time? Definitely not, by hook or by crook, I'm leaving the office at 8pm latest.

So, being the last day of work for this week, there will be gazillion of things to do. Me making sure work for this week is completed - so that no office number will appear on my handphone on Thursday and Friday to spoil my mood. The last time I took leave, I still receive call from office, ending up with me being sarcastic and questioning back "Do I look like I have the system in front of me now to solve the problem??!"..ambik ko. I hope it's possible for me to complete work today as there will be a meeting in the morning, and another two different meeting in the afternoon. On top of that, there will a celebration of I.ndependence Day for I.ndia students - expecting a full blast of B.ollywood songs from 11am - 2pm. It's madness I'm telling you. The only good thing is that there's a booth selling books this week and the story books nampak menarek, I want to check it out - thanks for the $ B, I lap you!

Imagine when the celebration is done just outside your office, no cubicles and all glass so you're basically a display in an auqarium. It's like going to a not-so-good concert, and you're sitting just 200 metres (I think less) away from the speaker and there's nothing you can do but bear with the blaring sound. And after 4 donkey years, I'm really not bothered to see what's the hype is about. Everybody else was practically standing and watching but me, continuing to do work with a straight (boring) face. For the record, I find it difficult to concentrate on something when the music is too loud. So, at my workstation mmg tak pasang lagu - unless Saturday (if I do come) when it's more relaxed, I'll turn off the radio while driving IF I'm lost and needed to find direction. So it's driving me crazy yesterday when they had P.aki I.ndependence Day Celebration starting at 11am. By 12.30pm, aku dah tak bleh tahan, terus ajak Tiyah keluar for early lunch and drove to B. Kinrara. Walaupun kononnya nak gi lunch lelama sbb nak escape dari madness tu, I still reached office by 1.30pm and head straight to surau. It's funny when the P people claimed to be M.uslim but still ber gendang bagai masa tengah azan Zohor - langsung tak respect.

Yeah, I'm such a grumpy old woman, tak sporting sbb tak suka music kuat. Eh, aku dengar la lagu bila drive. I even had it full blast kalau tengah kemas bilik simply because I was relaxing. Just jangan kacau kalau aku tengah concentrate. Concert Boyz II Men ok jek..sebab? Sebab aku relax, bukan buat keje. Masa study dulu pun sama, aku tak bleh nak study kalau music tengah on. So, I'll be the one duduk dlm bilik diam2. Kasik chance housemate nak dengar lagu, kan? kan? Tapi kalau tengah buat maths takpe, takyah concentrate.

Ok, enough about that. So, what are my plans during these 4 days? Well, it's all planned out - literally. Thursday is a "S.hah Alam Lunch Day". Planning to meet Sandra, Rosnah, Myza, Julie, Nomee, Kodeng and Yan - since 5 of them are working in S.Alam, I might just as well go there and meet them at one place. Hopefully semua bleh dtg, ada yg dah 2-3 tahun tak jumpa. Ada sesiapa yg working in S.Alam nak join us? Buzz me. :P Thursday or Friday night am planning to watch R.atatouille with Tiyah, Adam and Intan - not fogetting my niece/nephew dlm perut Intan eheheh. Baru dlm perut pun, Angah dah bawa tengok wayang, best kan dpt Aunty as good as me? Hihihih. Friday morning plan nak rewang Jln T.AR dgn Mama, baju Melayu B tak beli lagik..erkkk. And I miss Nasi B.eriyani situ - adui, temptation. Nasi separuh bleh la ek?

Saturday nak tengok movie dgn B, R.ush Hour kut - nak relax punya movie. And Sunday ada wedding - Tiyah punya roommate masa kat U.iTM dulu, Rozie. The whole family is going as dia punya family dgn our family is quite close coz they have been friends for years. Irrelevant point : Bila la adik aku ni nak kahwin?

B is using my old N.okia phone temporary, his old phone gone kaput. Memang dah lama sangat dah, time to change. He actually deleted all my SMS in that phone - simply because he got confused with too many SMS in the inbox - yes, he deleted all 80 of them, 99% are SMSes from him to me since 2001. Berasap dak?? Dia siap bleh cakap sambil gelak2 that he read all the SMSes before deleting them, and he said he didn't realized he was so romantic when he texted them to me. Oh Zul..Zul. Why la delete all the memories? He said it's a logical thing to do now that I already have him by my side. But...but, I love reading back all the SMSes! *sigh* Pastu check, check...one of my favorite SMSes that he sent is still intact in my SIM card, so yg tu tak berusik la. A pantun 2 kerat that he sent to me way back in 2002 :

Ikan keli, ikan kayu....I love you

I thought it was cute. Ala-ala macam pantun 2 kerat yg tak menjadi. I remember smiling happily when I got this text from him. And looking at the text again and again whenever we had our arguments just to remind/assure myself that he still love me no matter what.

Ok, aku dah buat korang muntah lagi sekali.

Panjangnyer cerita aku kali ni (what's new?). Hopefully what I plan for these 4 days turn out great. And hopefully you all have a great weekend too - drive safely. Tolong jgn tido time driving.

P/s : It pissed me off that someone with that 'kind of record' is still allowed to drive and put the passenger's life at risk. My condolences to the 20 family. Macam biasa la, bila dah jadik baru nak ambik tindakan itu-ini..try telling it in front of the 20 family who have lost their beloved ones. My heart goes to her. So much of the country turning 50 and better? What is there to be proud of?


Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see you 2morrow.

konot said...

oittt!! tak aci! nak cuti gakkk!!!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Suruh dia sms semua balik kat u..everyday 1 sms..ahaks! Kalau tak ingat tido luar :P

shell said...

jeles nya saya...

enjoy your break!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

u know amy, kaklin pun macam awak ~ suka kumpul sms.

so, back in early 2003, masa tu tgh ribut bercinta dgn orang di sabah, my hp jadi so sarat with lovey-dovey and sweet sms-es that I decided to write them back in a notebook... siap ada date and time lagi! and INCLUDING my replies too! hahaha

ever since that, i've notebooks and even folders in my computer for smses that i deem keepable ~ baik dari (ex)buah hatis, families, friends, and now even from AbgZul! hehe. tak yah risau kalau sms terpadam dah. hehe

sekali sekala buka dan baca. owh, syahdu woh. seronot!

And oh, that guy in the link tu is my colleague's bro. u thot this always happens to other faraway people, and when it does happen to u (or closer to u), i'm tellin' ya tergamam jadinya... :-( Al-Fatihah to Nazri Noordin...

landen said...

kinda weird yg PS2 punya Ratatouille game dah keluar few weeeks back and aliff, anak aku dah abiskan game tuh! ni memang kena bwk nengok nih

Z.Y. said...

my body is like clock work. every 3 mths it will start complaining, mintak tuan dia rest & pegi bercuti lah apa lagi. tapi this time aku dah 5 bulan tak pegi bercuti. next mth makes it 6 mths. tapi next mth jugak aku akan replenish energy aku. thailand here i come! tak sabar siot. badan dah sakit2 giler dah ni.


Amy said...

Sandra - Me too babe! Aku penat gila ni, baru balik dari opis..sob sob

Konot - Aci la, lama dah aku tak cuti. I'm mentally tired! Sure Isnin ni keje berlambak atas meja. Ah, pedulikan!:P

Sherry - Aiyah, being Zul, he can't even remember where he put his car keys sometimes. Kalau tido luar, I plak le kesejukan kat dlm. Takmo ah! *mode gatai on*

Shell - Mekasih. AKu bercuti dlm Malaysia jek. Bukan macam kawan ko si Diva tu, ke overseas ehehe..

Kak Lin - Rajinnya! Isk, amy malas. Tapi rasa ralat gak la bila dia delete. Sabo jek! Luckily still ada dlm 10 sms lagi yg selamat sbb ada kat SIM card. Man - they will never understand the importance of these things to woman tau! Ah? seriously ah... I really pity her wife la. Baby tak sampai sebulan lagi. I pray that she's strong enough to go thru this, I can't imagine being in her shoes.:`(

Lan - Bawak la. Aku pegi tengok opening besok malam dgn anak buah aku, si Adam. Sure Aliff suka.

Zied - OMG! tell me abut it. I'm mentally tired. Today is madness I'm telling u. Nak prepare keje sbb nak cuti 2 hari macam nak cuti 2 bulan je dia punya kelam kabut tau. Ni aku bawak balik keje sket ni nak settlekan. Iskk, I hate la.

Arena said...

nak cuti takley stres2..hope u have a good one. and dah jangan bawak balik kejer dah.. (cewah best jek aku cakap.. aku pon cam tuh..hahah)

Fina said...

aku boleh bayangkan betapa huru haranya kat luar opis kau tu kan ngan lagu bhangra....ish ish ish.....

tapi paki rock best gak khekhekhekhke...

Zetty said...

kau jgn tak tau..besan kau memang hantu rock paki hihhih.

Amy said...

Che Na - U know what. I slept at 12.30am lepas dah email segala updates and status kat assistant aku untuk dia sambung keje. Pastu pagi tadik bangun tangan rasa gatal nak check email tapi aku tahan sbb tak nak spoil mood nak jumpa kawan2. Best gila, senyum jek aku.Balik petang, check email, dahi aku dah berkerut balik. Berasap rasa dgn problem kat overseas site. Yg kat India, dah resign (like I care), pastu yg kat Sri lanka tu of all days, hari yg aku cuti ni la dia nak timbulkan issue macam2 and minta macam2. I replied with a long sarcastic email and gave a piece of my mind and cc my boss (sbb aku dpt tahu dari assistant aku yg boss suruh call aku tanya mende ni..hampeh). Geram ok?! Cannot leave me alone meh? *sigh*

Fina - Ko tahu mana aku duduk dlm opis kan? Dgn ala-ala aquariumnya, sungguh seksa ok dgn lagu2 itu.

Zetty - OMG Zets, aku rasa nak cucuk kapas je ke dlm tinger aku..

aisha said...

Akak, jangan update pasal katun Ratatouille lagik kay... saya tak tgk lagik.. lepas tuh baru citer kay... hehehhee... seronok bercuti?

Amy said...

Aisha - Alah dek, dah terlambat. Tapi akak citer je akak pegi. Dah terlupa nak citer how the movie goes actually. So kira selamat la ni. I won't spoil it for you ok? :P