Monday, November 26, 2007


Nothing much happened over the weekend. I spent Saturday at the office (what's new?). Had to invigilate exam till 12.30pm.. bleh je nak balik lepas tu but what did Amy do? She stayed on till 4pm! And guess what, tak habis2 pun keje tu :D *sigh* Keje mana pernah habis.

Mama came back from Sabah on Saturday night, attended a wedding. She might be going back to Perlis plak in a few days time for another wedding reception. Busy, busy woman.

Yg paling tak best, B on MC for two days, today and tomorrow coz eye infection. Almost the same like I had last time but not as worst la. He said mine looked worst coz "Mata awak besar" bleh? To which I replied "Sebab mata saya besar la awak suka!" Hahahahah. Anyway, I just hate the feeling of having to go to work and leave him alone. Well, not alone literally la coz my parents are around in case he needs anything. It's not that bad pun, he can still get up and manage himself but still, you know? I wanna be there when he needs drinks or when it's time to put the eye drop. And I worry about not being there to prepare lunch for him, at least dinner I know he will wait for me to come back and have dinner together. Rasa hopeless sangat sekarang ni. Hari ni I'll be working till 8pm, so I get to go to work a bit later and have time to prepare lunch but tomorrow?

I think I worry too much for nothing la..kan? The usual me *sigh*


Drama Div@ said...

bila nak ajak i gi makan daim cake ni..

Amy said...

Zal - December ni I cuti dari 20/12 sampai 1/01/08. Meh kita buat get together.. you jgn tak datang plak. Tapi I pemalu, tak caya tanya Cik Pijah dgn Cik Zetty muahahha :D

Anonymous said...

ye ye..
jangan worry to much.. all is well.

Drama Div@ said...

i nga raff pun cuti dec ni tapi lain2 hari... cuti shopping!!

Amy said...

Che Na - Not too well yet la Na. Pray for me k?

Zal - Naper lain2 hari? Korang take turn nak shopping ke? Meh ah pegi Curve, bleh jumpa2 hihihi