Tuesday, January 08, 2008

08 - 01 - 08
Cantik kan birth date Ayah tahun ni?
Happy birthday Ayah.. I love you so much!

I'm republishing some of the things I wrote last year..

And sorry Ayah for all my misbehaviour while I grow up
Sorry that I always pretend to sleep in the car when I was little
So that you would carry me to bed and tuck me in

Sorry that you need to bribe me with comics

Whenever I refused to go to the dentist

Sorry that I lost the first car that you bought me (I miss my Honda, damn thieves!)
Sorry for involving in so many accidents in my driving life

Sorry that sometimes I blurted out words that would hurt your feelings

Thank you Ayah, for bringing me up with so much love and care

For bringing us to various holiday trips

For being the ultimate banker and our mobile ATM :P

For paying my car insurance and allowing me to pay you in installments ehehe

or accepting my hubby and treat him like your own son

Which sometimes I feel that you love him more than me :)

I can barely remember the last time you said "I love you"
Coz you showed your love with your action, not words

But I still remember, my akad nikah day
When your eyes were red

Mama said you were sad and happy at the same time

To let go her first daughter in another man's responsibility

Don't worry Ayah, insyallah I'm in good hands now

And I will still be your little girl, always!

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