Tuesday, June 03, 2008

State of depression

I'm in a state of depression. Yeah, roll your eyes. Kejap jiwang, kejap depressed. I think my hormones are playing a trick on me. Which reminds me, I could not recall the last day I had my P, was it last month or last 2 months? Whatever.

*sigh* No matter how much I tried to remind myself, I sometimes forget that I can never, I repeat...NEVER be good enough. Please try to remember that Amy.

To lessen my depression, I had rearranged my clothes in one closet just now. Oh, one more closet to go. Rearranged my tudungs in the drawer. I think I want to get rid of some of it and buy new ones, that will make me happier. Cadar pun dah tukar, I know it's not relevant but I like to change it when I'm depressed. Telekung pun dah tukar.

Now, I'm just waiting for my 'teddy bear' to come home from work. I need his hugs/kisses and his shoulders to cry on. :(


aisha said...

Akak kena monsun apa ni kak? bawak bertenang k.. tuko la apa akak nak tuko.. janji bahagia k...jangan tuko abg zul udah... hehehe

konot said...

alerrr... cian btul amy.. cepatla angin depression ni pergi.. syuhhhh!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

jom tolong kak lin kemas drawing abg zul kat stor jom??? sure hilang depress...asyik nak gelak je kot ;-D

*hug hug hug*

neomesuff said...

karaoke? jerit? sepuas hati hehehe

Amy said...

Sha - Hoih, mana bleh tukar abg Zul. Dia je la nyawa saya :)

Konot - Tolong, tiupkan. Macam dok ada lagi je ni

Kak Lin - Nanti kang Labu & Labi lari lintang pukang dok dengar kita dua ngilai dalam stor kak :)*hugs*

Kak Nomee - I will get more depressed with my "ke laut" vocal kan kak? hiks

Ydiana said...

Hi Amy

I was from Mr Lee's and saw you there. Decided to pay you a visit. I'm also in a state of depression right now. Just lost a beloved cat. So in order to distract myself from it, and not to sink in it, I keep myself busy, just like you did, but my way. Surfing the net.

Hope you're over it already. Its normal. ;)

Amy said...

Hi ydiana, nice to have you here. U lost a cat? I understand how it feels. I lost my last cat, Snowy (a white persian with blue right eye and green left eye) when I was 15, zillion years ago. I cried endlessly for days. Not easy, I know. Hangin' there beb. Will pay you a visit, banyaknya blog you!!