Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love Is..

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Love is ...when you giggled like a 16 year old girl after reading his sms and had a silly grin on your face while typing back a reply.

Love is ...when Ayah find the time to pre-cut the mangosteen and store it in the fridge - just the way his 'already-married' daughter like it, ready to be eaten when she came back from work.

Love is ...Akif Iman the Michelin. I wanna bite him!

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Love is ...growing old together.

Love is ...happiness and that's what matter the most.

Have a lovely weekend!!


U.Lee said...

Hi Amy, who being loved is poor? Love is the beauty of the soul. Love is always bestowed as a gift, freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don't love to be loved. We love to love.
And love is just a word till someone comes along and give it meaning.
And no man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry.
You have a nice day Amy and keep well, best regards, Lee.

Amy said...

Hi Uncle is indeed a pleasure to have you visit my blog. Yup I agree with you, love is just a word till someone comes along and give it a meaning. Hubby might not be the most romantic person, but he just know how to make me feel loved and with all the insecurities I'm having about myself, he never fail to make me feel beautiful :). Do come and visit again ya?

U.Lee said...

Hello Amy, seeing your callsign at my place, I da lupa that I had visited your blog and thought it is another 'Amy' from Sarawak, perumpuan Iban who blogs too tetapi da lama tak datang.
So I ketuk your callsign check siapa. Ha ha.
This time I tengok all your gambars. I love all your pictures, the wedding pictures are very nice. You look very nice, very attractive too, and love your smile, *wink*.
My very young days, my friends Malay boys, I even followed two of them back to their kampongs and lived with them, mandi tepi perigi pun.
I became an expert at dropping a pail on a rope and getting a full pail of ayer, ha ha.
Even helped the makciks tolak or row the dodol in a huge kwali, terok tu!
I even helped carry that tall stick with paper flowers at top look like coconut leaves.
And even spread bunga rampai, I think, on bridal bed...of course I and my friends were warned not to hide the bantals, arhaa ha ha.
I remember the pakcik, after my twice attempt of gathering coconut husks petang then burn to keep the skeeters away from the smoke, instead I put too much, the smoke engulved the whole wooden house, semua kena lari keluar, arhaaa ha ha. Pakcik stopped me from volunteering again.
Malam sit on the wooden verandah dengar pakciks cheritas of bila Jepun datang 2WW. He sure frightened us.
But mandi tepi perigi at 7am, no joke la. And I took a pass at wearing a sarong, ha ha.
I guess some of the best days of my life was back in the 50's, staying in a kampong...
You stay easy and have a nice weekend. Lee.
ps, you are a very eloquent blogger. Ahemmm, ada kopi? Kueh dada?

Amy said...

Hahahah Uncle Lee.. best kan ingat citer2 growing up in the city,I only played Saidina, Game & Watch,my blue BMX, batu seremban, guli and etc.. hubby being a true kampung boy, I always enjoyed listening to his stories - mandi sungai, fishing, main upih, lastik and all sorts of things. But I do have experience mandi perigi in Perlis, my hometown. It was freaking cold, but I had fun bathing with my cousins - all in sarongs :). Thanks for the compliment, kopi ada la, tapi kueh dada? Apa tuh?? :P

aishah badaruddin said...

mood jiwang nampak.. hehe

pijah said...

hi amy! how's new job?

Amy said...

Aishah - Tu la..tengah jiwang karatz :)

Pijah - MowahS! Mowahs! I miss you. New job? So far ok la.. bila nak ngeteh nih??Nak jumpa,nak jumpa..