Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a nightmare..

I think I've blogged before that I will usually dream when I slept, and I will normally remember what is it about when I woke up in the morning. And what I dream about sometimes are affected by what I watch, read or what not la.

Last night, I had a dream too. I would rather call it a nightmare la. I dreamt that I am working in my previous company, meaning I quit my current job and went back to work with my previous company. I still remember that in my dream, I was typing and doing work but with a very heavy heart. And I remember feeling so down. Nasib baik mimpi jek :).

I think it might be because one of my ex-colleague sms-ed me yesterday morning and was asking about some work that I left and then go on and told me how dissappointed she was that the B that they had promised is yet to be materialised. Hmmmphh, the same B that they promised me if I stay. Gila. It's been 2 months already, nearly approaching 3 months. If I were to stay and were convinced by their words, sure aku dah jadi gila sekarang.


I'm easily pissed off la. Aku malas nak angkat call kalau aku malas nak cakap dgn org yg aku malas nak ada apa-apa relation boleh? Since I bought the new Sony phone, I have yet to transfer the phone numbers in my old phone which is being used by hubby. I know, lame excuse..I've been using the new phone for months already kan? So, resultnya..in snow ball effect sequence:

1) I sometimes answer the phone and asked "Siapa ni?" when I don't recognize the voice (coz their number is not in my new phone). And sometimes it's annoying when people got so emotional about me not knowing who's calling. Gila banyak suara aku nak cam dan ingat?
2) I don't normally pick up a call if I don't recognize the number. My rationale is that if it is urgent and it's someone close to me, they know where to get me, there's always my house phone, my room phone, voicemail (hello?) and sms.
3) I might be busy (doing whatever business) and could not pick up the call. So, kalau tak berjaya tu, sms je la. Nak kata takde kredit, bukan buat panggilan lagi mahal dari sms ke?

Ok, having said that, I will make sure all phone numbers from my old phone will be transfered to my current phone by this weekend. So, senang la aku nak filter calls and avoid calls :). Yes, you can call me selfish, but I have no time to layan craps from people yg kadang2 suka take advantage. M.A.L.A.S.

I regretted answering one phone call tonight, it spoilt my mood. And I wonder what she wants from me.

p/s My boss called me tonight, briefing on something to be done in the office tomorrow as she will be away the whole day outside KL for briefing in our new branch. Dah lama tak rasa sibuk begini :). BTW, answering her calls is 1000 x better than answering 'that call'. B*tchynya aku malam ni.


aisha said...

amboi garang nyer akak.. nightmare sgt ker sampai mcm tuh skali? isk.. isk..tp betul gak... kalu betul2 urgent, should just sms akak jer if tak pick up.. takper takper.. tarik nafas.. enjoy ur kesebukan nanti..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

la ni dah ada simpan hp kak lin dah kaaaaaan ;-D

Amy said...

Sha - Sbb yg call tu sgt annoying. Menganggu hidup saya yg aman :). Awak, GA tu ada deadline dak? Satu CD pun berzaman nak habiskan..

Kak Lin - Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hehhehh. So, how's ur exam akak?