Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy birthday Scorpios!

Was ym-ing with Laila (ADP3) yesterday..she was asking about spa treats as she had read on my posting on the spa treatment I had this year..So she called the spa centre just to find out about the rates and etc for suite package. Apparently, when she called, b.angla yg angkat phone. I can't remember the exact conversation she had with him but I laughed my heads off when I read it in ym yesterday:

Laila : Asking the rate
Mat B : 100 got...300 got...
Laila : Is there a big window in the (suite) room where (outside) people can look in?

Mat B : You can look today
Laila : ????

MUahahhaha....gelak ah korang.. maybe aku tak pandai citer macam Laila citer tapi adoih, gelak sakan aku semalam. Ada ke suruh Mat B answer the phone? Even if you want cheap labor pun, at least train him to speak English well, tak fluent pun at least basic la kan?

*Geleng kepala in disbelief*

Well, Laila made my day yesterday. :)

Special shoutout to Scorpio friends celebrating their birthdays : Happy Birthday.. moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki...AMIN. I heart you guys!

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Inn said...

u tak nak ber-spa lagi kah? jom aarr...

two of my best friends are scorpios. my dad too. and my 1st nephew will be a scorpio. counting the days....

jeng. jeng. jeng.

Amy said...

Inn - Rosnah, Aje, Intan Lily, Konot, and me are Scorpios. Don't you think we are bunch of great people? Hehehheeh..

myheartbleeds said...

amy, I hear you!! Scorpios are great people, of course!! when's your b-day?? mine's in 14 days :o)

Amy said...

hahhah - mine is on the 4th la. So yours on the 16th ye? Ramainya Nov ni :)