Monday, October 27, 2008



Aku la org paling jemu tengok post tak berupdate :)

I have lots to tell and lots of pictures that I took for the past one week plus but I've been feeling L.A.Z.Y to update. Yeah, lame I know. Now updated, pictures je later ok?

Let's see, the last update was on 16th Oct, aight? Dapat posa sampai 5pm je, isk isk. So dapek 2 hari je la that week, 17th office buat raya makan2. Dari sini I realized like waHH ramainya staff. Some I didn't even know. Took lots of pictures, tapi bahaya tak bleh post sini, gua tak confident ehehh.

On the 18th, Saturday morning, I had to do 60 cups of dadih, my sis in law ordered for a raya event at her office.. berpeluh gak den buat sorang2 kat rumah. Then malam ada engagement event in Kajang.
My second cousin (2 pupu we call it, his father is my mom's cousin, his grandpa is my granpa's brother get it??), Syafiq got engaged. Nice food and got to mingle with some of my relatives who came down from Perlis. None of my cousins were around, some were working, some were outstation I guess.
The very same night, one of my cousins, Haiza gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Nur Farzana which means cahaya yang cantik dan baik hati. Since she was warded in a specialist hospital in Kajang too, we decided to drop by after the engagement kenduri. Baby sgt comel (all babies are!).. ada one boy was born on the same day, ya rabbi sihatnya...nasib baik tak bleh pegang, kalau tak memang aku cobit2.

Sunday, 19th followed my parents to visit relatives and also Perlis Open house. B was working and Tiyah had other plans, so I la jadi 'anak dara seharian' tu dok ikut my parents. We also went to my brother's MIL house as his SIL just gave birth to a baby girl last week. Baby's name is Kaseh Qistina...camtu kut spell, not so sure. Sweet name kan? Baby pun cute, sempat snap pictures. Then Abang and the whole family followed us to my grandaunt's house nearby Keramat. Adam of course followed in our car. Took this picture of him..heheh gigi takde sbb banyak makan ice cream and sweets. My brother had banned us from buying anymore ice creams for Adam.

Tuesday, ada makan2 lagi in the office from another department. Serious weh tak berhenti makan. I continued my puasa 6 on Wednesday last week till Friday. Friday ada makan2 lagi organized by another Faculty tapi saya tahan diri sebab puasa :P. After work, went to I.KEA to neet Rosnah and Aje. Buka puasa makan meatball yg dah lama diidamkan. Saya makan 10 ketul tanpa rasa bersalah. Frustrated sbb they no longer serving Daim cake :((. I took their cheese cake, sedap gak. I had a great time with them. (Useless fact : The three of us are Scorpios ).

Saturday plak ada 3 open house invitations and 1 birthday invitation but I only went to two open house, had to prioritize coz all 4 were located quite a distant from each other. Dengan jamnya hari tu, it took us nearly 1 hour to go to each house. One of it were friends we made during our journey to umrah last year, Kak Zaini and hubby. Kak Zaini was my roommate in Madinah & Mecca and her hubby was my hubby's roommate too. It's been a year since I last saw her and I really miss her. There was one more friend who waited for me in Kak Zaini's open house tapi takde rezeki nak jumpa coz I was so late and she had to rush to another open house. Kak Zaini melayan macam kitaorg ni VIP. She shoved all kind of food to us sampai aku dgn Zul dah sengkak! What more with her hubby witty sense of humor that left us laughing the whole time. She is now 4 months pregnant, beshnya. I promised that I will visit her again now that I know how to go to her house. She's like a sister to me, taking care of me when we were in Mecca considering how 'lembik' I am.

Sunday, sambung puasa 6 (last day)...takde la temptation to eat as parents were in Perlis and hubby lak working. We went back to Pahang the very same night as hubby wanted to go to his colleague's wedding today. The wedding is near to his kampung. Arrived Pahang at 11.30pm and I straight went to bed (dlm kereta pun dah tido the 2 1/2 hours) and got up only at 10am, baguih punya menantu kan? Can't help it, I was so damn sleepy. After the wedding today, straight went back to KJ. Tak tau la jammed ke tak, as usual I slept throughout the whole journey, tahu2 B kejut bila dah sampai rumah. I even had a dream. Tido dalam kereta pun bleh mimpi ok?

Besok my own department plak ada buat makan2. Makan lagik! I guess that's about it, till I update more later. Ohh dah tengok iklan Deepavali by P*etronas? Walaupun still tak baper umphhh but better than the Raya one, kan?


Anonymous said...

Uish makan saje. Tahun ni tak banyak pergi open house. Apsal tah. takde invitations kot. hehehhe. Dah tengok iklan petronas tu.. oklah better than raya punya kan.


Zetty said...

uishh, menjadik betul bisness dadih kau ni.

Fina said...

alaaa kau memang macam zetty..sah sah la kok ada ane tu kau memang suka kan....raya tak raya...

Mas Rahim said...

amy...mmg daim cake tu dah mmg takde 4eva kee?alahai..frustnyeee!

Amy said...

Che Na - Aku pun tak banyak la Che Na, minggu2 sebelum tu takde langsung pun and tetiba last weeekend banyak laks...happy birthday my scorpio friend :)

Zets - Alah, tempahan kecil2an je :P

Fina - Cesss ehehehe. Busy lagi ke beb? mowahsss

Kod - Tu la, setakat info dari kawan2, macam agak dah lama la takde. As of now, aku kena resort to Daim choc je kut :(

Inn said...

huhuh! gi ikea tak ajak.

next time nak buat dadih, if u need help, just call me. boleh i belajar sekali. hiks!

Amy said...

Inn - It was kinda impromptu Scorpio gatherings ahahha..they were there since 3pm I think shopping and what not, and I only arrived there at 6.30pm! That dadih is the instant one la Inn, easy! :P