Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update paling boring...

Nak kena nunggu kawan sound via sms baru aku nak update..:)

Mmg takde apa yg important sgt nak update. Don't feel the need to comment on anything pun. Health wise, alhamdulillah..takde sakit demam or anything, B had a flu over the weekend but now he's ok. Work wise, I can say a bit busy now with the exams starting middle of next month, so now dah busy with the preparations. I forecast having to stayback and work on weekends starting next week and full swing come November. Alah, macam June hari tu la. So, no complaints as I know this only happen every 4 months. Pejam celik pejam celik nanti habis la tu, then result by December and hopefully pastu bleh rest. Am craving for JCo and I.Kea meatballs and daim cake now...relevant tak? :P

What have I been doing for the past one week? Before weekend ada la bake some more biskut cornflakes sbb both Tiyah and me tak puas2 lagi makan. Zul pun sama. Sanggup turun curik kat dapur while I was baking sbb tak tahan dgn bau sedap :P. Went to So.go with Mama, ada kawan dia kirim beli barang and I bought a bedsheet. Bedsheet lagi! I actually have a pink & white quilt cover tapi takde bedsheet so sebenarnya kalau nak matchingkan, elok beli pink la...but Mama insist I bought a plain white bedsheet to match, kesian la tu kat menantu dia yg tak suka pink...hmpphhh :(.

Abang took some small scale catering order and request me to do dessert and actually getting paid to do this. I did a mango and strawberry yoghurt, alah pakai yg instant. According to him, it was a hit among his customers. Told him I don't mind doing it again but got to find a plastic supplier for the cups sbb kat supermarket mahal sket, kalau dapat murah bleh la maximise profit.

And saya baru nak terhegeh2 buat puasa 6 starting Monday. Semalam tak posa, hari ni baru start balik, so baru hari ke 3 la. Next week another 3 days, insyallah. Tomorrow ada Raya gathering at my office, so rugi la kalau tak makan, kan? kan? :P And will be seeing some friends tomorrow night and Saturday night ada my cousin's engagement.

I think that's about it. Gila mundane hidup aku kan? Tapi saya happy, takpe :)


wanshana said...

Yup - exams coming up in 2 weeks time, and I'm already dreading it.

82 students this Semester, meaning 246 answers/essays to go through PLUS 82 pieces of assignments to mark in the next 4 weeks.

Presenting a paper at a conference next week (satu benda pun tak start lagi!), and currently working on an article for publication (which was due last week!!!) HELP!!!

And people think that us lecturers have an easy job...


Errr, if ada time tu, care to share your yoghurt recipe tu, please? Thanks :)

aishah said...

semoga makin maju bisnes dadih amy.. :P

Amy said...

Kak Shana - How come I didn't know you're a lecturer eh? I plak at the exam admin, I bukan lecturer... chasing lecturers for papers ada la :)..mmg havoc. I seriously wish the next few weeks will pass in a blink hehehe. Alah Kak Shana, instant yoghurt je la, nothing pun. Beli je kat Bake with Y.en tu, easy peasy.

Aishah - Fuh, amin..ehehhe. Ni tadik kakak ipar order lagik 60 utk open house office dia this coming Monday. Kelam kabut pi beli susu and cups tadik :P

Pp said...

selagi masih ada kebahagiaan...selagi masih mampu tersenyum...selagi 'abang' menghargai....selagi itu sungguh bermakna kehidupan.


i try to add some color every now and then to my own 'mundane' life.



Amy said...

Abd Id - It's been a while since I last saw u here in my comment box :).Insyallah bang, nak kata life perfect, far from it,kaya tidak, tapi Amy happy. Cuma lacking in you-know-what je..other than that, I have no complaints, kalau kita rasa kita ada problem, banyak lagi org yg lagi banyak masalah. Sometimes, lalai nak bersyukur dgn apa yg Tuhan bagi selama ni. Asyik nak tengok apa yg org ada, tak tersedar dgn apa yg tak ada. I still enjoy reading your blog, cuma kekadang tak tinggal comment pun :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Amy, I just only last night ate Strawberry pudding, made in Malaysia. 6 cups for .99 cents. Sedap tu!
Wow, your cakes looks good. Ada lagi? Saya datang, think can polish off easy 8 pieces, ha ha, just kidding.
You have a nice day, Lee.

di.di said...

>>Tomorrow ada Raya gathering at my office, so rugi la kalau tak makan, kan? kan?

my co nyer open house raya khamis ni macam malas nak gi, yelah skang ni hari2 ujan.. sure ujan nyer la.. parking kat PWTC tu kena bayar plak tu... so saya nak boycot..

Amy said...

Uncle Lee - hey that's cheap la. Lucky you ada org syg to send u the puddings. :)

Zal - Alah kitaorg company kecil2an buat kat office je gathering. Naik lrt le beb...tapi abis lak nanti baju glamer kena ujan kan, kan? Jumaat ni dept aku lak buat makan2...bila nak habis posa 6 ni...dah le piyed lak ni.. uwaaaa hopefully sempat.

Inn said...

bagi wakil orang yg sangat tak pandai masak.. am impressed. your life might sound mundane to you but you nvr know how the very normal things in your life can aspire others.

you're happy. that's important. not many ppl are happy with their lives. It's really good to know :)

Amy said...

Inn - Aduih seriously? Takde mende apa pun dlm blog ni. Not la happy-perfect-life, but happy-happy. Ada gak ups and down :)