Tuesday, December 02, 2008



Dah dapat surat confirmation hari ni after 6 months probation..

Another 11 days to our 5th wedding anniversary..

Another 29 days to a new year..

Happiness is upon yourself - Socrates

p/s Did you see the 'smiling moon and stars' yesterday? It was awesome. Thanks to Ujie who text-ed me to look at the sky and I quickly text-ed Kak Lin..it made me smile :)


MRSHUSiN said...

congratulations amy!
i termissed the smiley moon & stars, unfortunately... :(
looks like i have to wait for another 5 years... sighhhh....

Amy said...

Izan - Thanks :D. Tu la, lucky for me a good friend of mine text-ed me. Dia tahu kut I gila tengok bulan. Oh, it only happened once in 5 years ye? Tak tau pun hihi..

Inn said...


Looks like the year is coming to a sweet closing for you. Looking forward for the colors of next year. May many more good happy things come your way. Amin.

i missed it!!! but the day before my fiance emailed me the picture of the smiling god taken in australia.


Azrul said...


aku pon tahun 5th anniversary....
lagi 16 hari....
apsal la ko tak amik gambar bulan tu....
aku tatau pon ada bulan tgh senyum

Kak Lin said...

Ehhh sekejap aje dah nak next anniversary, kan.... *sigh*

padanlah dia jarang update. have been working hard have ya! TAHNIAH!


(click on my name to see the entry!)

linda bayam said...

Amy, congrats! tahun depan boley claim full bonus.. :D

I got the pics of smiling moon if anyone interested.. :)

p.s: I had a dream last nite: me, you and a few other girls (tak tau sapa) makan chocolate mud cake tepi air terjun tinggi tapi cantik..weird huh?

Amy said...

Inn - AMinnnnn. Thanks :) I'll be putting up the pictures I got from a friend in my next post. I love watching the moon and stars *orang kuat berangan memang macam tu*

Azrul - Yup, wedding date kita dekat kan? But beb, ko 5 years dan ada 'hasil' 2 ketul ehehe aku gak yg takde hasil. Japgi aku post gambo, aku dok pester member aku suruh email gambo tu sbb aku nak letak dlm blog :)

Kak Lin - Erk takde la kerja kuat sgt pun, but happy la keje tak stressful macam dulu :P. Insyallah lepas ni I'll blog more often. Oh, how can I not think of you.. everytime nampak bulan penuh sure sms :P

Linda - Huhhu Amin..harap2 la. AMy pun ada, baru nak loadkan ni. Mimpi pasal I? Rindu kat I kut... lama gak ni tak mandi air terjun tinggi hehe

farahani said...

hello kak amy!

dah 6 bulan kerja omg cepat giler kan?congrats kak amy for EVERYTHING!!!!

*hugs vibrate bergetar getar*

p/s: oh i know how busy people can be during exam session.hik.

Amy said...

Fara - HAahhah make sure don't open my blog when your college friends are around ahahaha. Owh, sangat busyy ok kalau dah lunch 3.30pm almost everyday...I'm so glad it's over. Tunggu April/May plak nanti. :P