Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

Mestilah kena ada recap and reflections kan? Kalau tak, tak sah.

Looking back to my reflections of 2007, rasanya this year dah kurang sad moments, alhamdulillah. Kadang2 pikir2 balik, when I feel down, ada lagi orang yang lebih susah dari aku. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger kan? I truly feel that I was a lot happier in 2008. Health wise pun, alhamdulillah, takde major sickness. Zero gastric attack, yeayy. I have not taken any MC this year, so far la, insyaallah hari ni pun sihat la kan. No MC means aku takde sakit2 la..demam selsema sehari dua tu ada la, which went off after few days. So yeay for that. I think all company should make a policy of giving some sort of bonus for staff yg takde MC throughout the year ni hahahhaha....sesuka aku je kan.

Money wise, 2008 ni ok la. Tak la mewah, but comfortable. Maybe due to the fact that I don't have to fork out petrol and toll money to go to work anymore. And this year, bayar duit rumah dah banyak dari selalu, and it so happen B dah habis bayar balance out. Cuma at this time of the year, dah start berjimat in preparation of the completion of the house. Sekarang tunggu kunci yg tak kunjung tiba lagi. Kalau boleh tak nak la splurge selalu, beli yang perlu je. Errk..walaupun baru abis RM350 beli 2 kasut. Tu necessity tau B..heheh. So I expected to be kering kontang the first quarter of 2009, makan roti loohhh...

Friendship wise, pun alhamdulillah. Friends gained, friends about to lost. Friends who listen to my craps and cry, you kow who you are. Thankkkk you! Managed to organize some meet ups although never as much as I would like to. Macam dah lama je tak jumpa babes, last was iftar in I.KEA which we wouldn't want to go again. Set tempat baru for 2009 iftar ok? :). And the Daim cake is back...yeSs! I went there last Saturday..hihi.

Which brings me to the next point, blogging for 2008. I've had friends and cousins asking me about places I went to which I write in my blog. Macam dah jadi jurucakap plak :P. Ada yg pergi makan at one place based on my recommendation in the blog ahaha. I'm glad you find this blog useful. And I still can't believe that there are people reading my blog yg entah apa-apa ni. I do have the disadvantage of not having my privacy since my relatives are reading this, ye la I normally write what I feel at the moment, and I might (most of the time) feel completely different an hour after that. But when cousins told me they enjoy reading and sometimes get to know about events that they don't get to attend, I felt that I've served them a purpose. So, everything's good. In other words, I'm not going to private my blog anytime soon, insyallah. But I do want to get invited to Cik Diva, Cik Pijah (dah takde blog ke?), Aishah, Juliah and Rainy the Photographer's blog. Tak invite I pun you alls? Tahu2 je dah private. Here's my email add :, if you feel like inviting la..Thanks ehhehe

Love wise..well what can I say. I've reached 5 years of marriage this December. I might say this over and over again, but B is a God sent to people like me. He's the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't think anyone else could be as loving and as patience as him. Yeah, sometimes he drives me crazy, sometimes he teases me till I cry...but most of the time, he makes me happy. He makes me feel good about myself. He might not be the most romantic send card-send flowers-buy jewelleries kind of guy, but I love him. And no, we've not lost hope for that miracle to happen.

So there, no resolutions of what so ever..from time to time, I do strive harder to be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend and a better Muslim. Insyallah.

Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah dan Masihi..
Pic taken in Kuantan, the night before our wedding anniversary this year


Azrul said...

apsal la suma orang asek cakap pasal daim cake eh....
apsal la kat ipoh takde bende nih eh.....
happy new year!

aisha said...

wei akak.. apa citer nih... hehehe.. rindu la.. hhmm..jap.. sape kata takde company bagi anything for those yang tak pernah MC for the throughout the my company sedikit kedekut.. the so called anugerah "perfect attendance" for sape yang tak pernah MC untuk that year and dapat la sorang 30 hinggit.. by the way, happy new year to you.. and dah nak abis tahun dah ni..bile nak makan burger besar umah?

Zetty said...

selamat tahun baru babe!
here's to better year ahead.

muah muah.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

cantiknya bulan.... *siiiiigh*

nak compare romanticism hubby tak? sejak kawin, my abgzul tak pernah hantar kad for anniv or birthday, tak pernah go out for honeymoon holiday, nor has he brought me out to see the fullmoon for the sake of being a romantic. at least your abgzul still does all those things. heh heh

so, tahun 2009 ni will prolly see me 'cuci' my abgzul to do so...ngeeeee.

happy new year, amy. kejap aje dah setahun lebih [ya ke? ke, lebih lagi?] kita kenal dalam blog ni, kan...?

hug hug

Nomee said...

Kau nyer blog punya pasal, aku mesti makan that damn daim cake tu kalau gi Ikea. Cit!
Happy new year dear. Muah!

Amy said...

Azrul - Lu turun KL ah baru citer pasal Daim turun KL je jumpa geng kat NZ..turun la PJ plak, bleh makan kat IKEA ehehe

Sha - Erk RM30 je? sketnya... penat tau pengorbanan tak ambik MC ni hihi. Insyallah very soon kita akan berjumpa, kalau bleh nak tunggu abis tengok CD, bleh la ada alasan nak jumpa. Burger besar rumah? wahh... ari tu bang Zul citer ada air gelas besor kat area umah Sha tu..dia dok ajak try :)

Zetty - U too my dear. I miss you and Fina la..mowAhs mowAhhs

Kak Lin - cantik kan? malam tu nak sms tapi busy hihi (tapi sempat gak ambik gambar). Sgt besar dan terang malam tu, I keep looking at the sky, takut ilang. Tu la, dah 1 year plus la akak..tah la..agaknya nama Zul ni sama je 'peel' dia ek hihihi

Nomee - Tu ah, aku rasa IKEA dah patut bayar komisen sbb aku selalu recommend macam2 pasal IKEA hahah. HAppy New Year to you too. Thank you for still reading my craps *mowahss*

Sweettooth said...

Happy New Year to you!

Amy said...

Sweettooth - Hey you, lama tak nampak kat sini :)..Happy New Year to you too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amy, Selamat tahun baru to you and family. You popped into my place just as I posted a cherita baru. Drop by if free. Best regards, Lee.

Amy said...

Uncle Lee - Tu la, I terkejut cepatnya Uncle Lee comment balik, rupanya tengah posting baru..ok, I'm going to read it now. Cheers!