Monday, March 30, 2009

The weekend

The movie was brilliant. At least for me, I had fun. Asyik gelak je. It's nice to have all the characters in the movie, Luke, Suze, Tarkie, the parents and all, not forgetting super biatch Alicia. When the movie ended, I just sat there and said 'Nak lagi' coz rasa tak puas. Yela, the marriage, the baby takde. I would love to see them on screen *sigh*..let's just hope there's Confession.s of a Shopaholics 2. When I told a colleague that I'm gonna watch that movie, another colleague just stared at me in disbelief, katanya dia tak percaya aku baca buku2 Sophie Kinsella coz macam citer2 remaja. Eyyy, aku suka la citer2 ringan/chic-lit ni!

Ok the inter-department bowling held on Saturday was stressful at first. I was not the main person for the event but I volunteered to call and booked and paid deposit coz I was staying near On.e Utama. So the bowling centre got my name and number. And on Saturday, I was the first to arrive (seperti biasa), and paid the balance and was reminded that I need to start the game on the dot. Tapi players yg ada time tu baper kerat je, stress betul, made some calls here and there asking their whereabouts, most of them are stucked in the massive jam. Tah la, letih betul. Half an hour after the time that we were supposed to start, I received another warning call from the bowling centre and I had to start the game and some of us had to 'play' for other missing players. Only another half an hour, baru la semua ada complete.
ll in all, it was actually quite fun. To see the other side of them playing and mingling with their family members. Snapped some pictures, but of course I'm just putting up pictures of B and me only. I didn't start very well and only performed ok during the 3rd and final game. B maintain je, thanks to him and another colleague's husband, our team won. Yeayy! Mind you, there were also first timers in our group of 8, so kena work extra hard to compensate the low marks. For individual category, B was in second place for men (12 players), and I managed to get the third place for women, out of 12 women players. Tertinggal belakang no 2 by 2 points. Two points *sigh*. There were prize giving ceremony, some speech and makan chocolate cake yg sedap gilos.

We didn't go anywhere after the game. Just performing our Asar and headed straight home as I was feeling really tired. B head to his favorite fish pond after Maghrib as usually every Saturday night ada 'happy hours' gitu and he managed to get the biggest fish. Pengsan aku tengok gambar. Seb baik tak bawa balik ikan tu. Ewwww.

Sunday bangun pagi je, perghh my body was aching all over. Lenguh abis peha dan betis :( but I had to go to work, nak sambung keje coz I was planning to take leave this Thursday and Friday, the only time B will be on off days and we are planning to go back to his hometown. Dah lama siot tak balik, terasa seperti menantu derhaka tapi nak buat camner, now that he is on shift, bila ada common off days on weekends, aku plak le macam2 hal, wedding la, bowling tournament la. So by hook or by crook, aku kena balik gak weekend ni coz start from next weekend sampai la mid May, I'll be busy, busy, busy with the final exams. Kena keje empat weekend berturut2 tau!

Tapi kat opis tu semalam pun aku rasa lemau je, nasib baik I requested B to accompany me (sangat scary office tu kalau sorang2)..he helped me with some clerical work and hence, speed up the process. Pegi 10.30, 2pm dah chow. And today, ingat nak stay back sbb nak abiskan keje but pagi2 lagi cik abang2 kat office tu volunteer to help, so akak senang hati! Cuma tinggal some arrangements that need to be done, bleh lagi kut nak extend sampai next week but I wanna try as much as possible to finish up by Wednesday.

Ok la, tu je update. B sakit gigi, sian dia, bila ajak gi dentist memacam plak alasan. Takut le tu :P. He's on night shift this week..*sigh*


dillazag said...

Aku pun tak sabar nak pi tengok si Isla Fischer tu.. Macam best aje trailer dia...
Kalau mengorganize benda-benda ni, mesti naik tekanan darah aku, yang.. Kekadang org tak appreciate the shite we have to go through to organize a get-together, kan? Tapi, ko jangan serik organize utk TEKBES, okies?
Me hearts you mucho!

aisha said...

akak.. yer ke ikan tu abg zul yang tangkap? ke tumpang glamor ikan orang lain? heheheheh...balik kampung? best tu...tumpang kim salam jer la..

Nomee said...

Oh! Akhirnya saya sudah buat itu tag. Sila lawat blog saya sebab ada nota ujung-ujung untuk anda juga.
*pun geli ngan ikan besar camtu*

Amy said...

Kak Dills - Tolong la pi tengok. You're going to love it! Heheh, insyallah akan saya organize kan cuma agak busy bulan 4 dan 5 ni kak. But I'll be seeing u very soon kan? ;P

Sha - Betul la! Balik Jengka ni, bukan Kuantan :).

Nomee - Dah baca dah. Thank for doing it bebehh.

Leilanie said...

Hi Amy!

it's you and I go like.... "OMG... I know this woman!!!!!!"
I got here through Zetty's - ada link from her coverage on Pijah's.

Anyway.... I have read ALL Sophie Kinsella's books. And I mean.... ALL. Latest one is "Remember Me".
Those yang can't appreciate her writings, would never know what they're missing.

Anie said...

Sedapnya patin tu!!