Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why do all good things always come to an end?

After four straight days of heaven at home, you can be sure that I dreaded to go to work tomorrow..*sigh* So what did I do the past 4 days?

Well, to start with..MIL and BIL and my biras left for Madinah on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I had thought they were leaving on Thursday morning, hence the leave taken on Thursday. Wednesday rupanya, and I brave myself at work on Wednesday, rabak sungguh mata as the flight was at 3.30am. By this time, they should have been in Mecca already. They'll be back on 9th June.

B (yeah, he took leave too :P) and I went to our house on Thursday morning. Kitchen table top dah siap, so I took some pictures to ease me in drafting how I want the kitchen cabinet to look like. The workers were putting tiles in the relocated washroom. We then went separate ways as I had planned to have lunch with the girls in my previous company. After finishing our 2 hour lunch (hihihi), we were heading to the office from Bdr P.uteri, Puchong. As I was driving and yakking away with the girls, we saw a lady fell down on the road, at first we thought she was hit by the motorcycle, rupanya she was robbed. We only realized it when we saw the handbag held by the man on the bike and the lady was holding to the bag, kena seret on the road and eventually let go of her bag. And without giving another thought, I kinda chased that guy and honking like mad as we want to get his bike plate number but he was too fast. And as that was a one way road, I couldn't make a u-turn to check on that lady. But I saw from my rear view mirror, that a lot of people are already at the scene, and we were already late to the office, so I just drove ahead. Sakit hati betul bila tengok mende ni depan mata, berbaloi ke bahayakan nyawa org lain just because nak kan duit dlm beg yang entah2 ada RM20 je? :(

I've booked a movie at 4pm and went with hubby to Utama. He wanted to watch 'T.erminator Salvation', what else. Well,I didn't fell asleep. So, maknanya I kinda enjoyed the movie la. Aiyo, he really had influenced me to watch this kind of movie la. Next in his list is Transformer.s *cringe*.

At night, I went to I.KEA with Mama and Tiyah looking for some kitchenware and also to get some idea on the kitchen cabinet thingy. Went to the cafe for some dose of meatballs and salmon and daim :). I met Cho, Pijah's friend there too. She recognized my face, only thing she didn't remember my name..hehe.

Went and met Myza on Friday after Friday prayers. Wanted to return Julie's books and also took mine. Julie is now on maternity leave. I was having migraine and asked B to be the supir. Good thing that I made that decision, it was bumper to bumper jam dekat toll s.alam as well as in s.alam town. Dah le panasss.

Saturday was spent going to KL with Mama, looking for curtain materials. Quite a bargain I must say. Found the color that I wanted for the living hall and kitchen. Untuk bilik2, I was actually eyeing for another material at the same shop, but I'm still thinking about it.

So, today I went to the house again, this time with Mama to measure the sliding door and windows. I saw the workers had started to put the tiles at the airwell area. I also needed Mama's help on the kitchen cabinet. She had given some great ideas and I had started to sketch it already. Just a simple one. And I am lucky that I don't have to fork out money to hire a tailor to sew my curtain, Mama will be sewing it :)). Bukannya aku nak buat beropol2 bagai pun, simple punya je.

B and me also brought his niece out today, to ride the LRT. She was thrilled. Seronok tengok gelagat dia. After the LRT ride, we brought her to the KJ Lake to play at the playground but she was not in the mood coz she was scared with the loud noise coming from the remote control boat the kids were playing. Potong stim betul!
So all in all, I enjoyed my 4 days break and looking forward to work tomorrow..NOT!

A special shout out to my friends celebrating birthdays in June - Happy birthday ladies. Here's wishing for many many years to come.


aisha said...

haloo.. isk isk.. akak dah tgk kartun alien vs monster belum? tu wajib tgk gak.. heheeh.. sronok bercuti ek.. regret la tak dapat jumpa akak.. kita usaha lagik kay..

konot said...

eh mak nko bley jahit langsir eh? ish ish ish klu aku tau mintak tlg mak nko jahit jer langsor aku haritu... muhehehhe..

Amy said...

Sha - Hihi..tak rasa lak macam nak tengok tu..tapi Ice Age 3 memang ditunggu lerr. Tu la, kapan la kita nak bertemu..kak amy courier la ok tak DVD tu? :)

Konot - Owhh Mama saya menerima tempahan dari anak kandung dia je :P. Hihihi dulu mama aku rajin ambik tempahan, now dah malas dah. Pastu anak dia buat muka kesian, dia pun volunteer la :P

aisha said...

Kak Amy, kena tgk kartun tu.. sngat best and comel la.. siyes...courier ek? dr akak membazir bayar courier tu baik akak bayar air sirap saya..
alaa... tak yah rush pun.. nak sambungan dia tak?

MHB said...

Mmy, I love the curtain materials... mana you beli?? if affordable, boleh gak my kitchen berlangsir baru raya nak datang ni ;-)

Amy said...

Sha - Ye ke? Akan difikirkan hehe. Yer ah segan ah simpan lelama, lagipun nak pindah, takmo la simpan2 brg org. Hui, sambungan? Stadium bukit jalil akak tadahkan..nanti bila akak pulangkan, Sha bawa yg sambungan yek. Yg tunjuk kat TV ni pun kekadang termiss. I lap yewww

MHB - Hihi..bleh je share. Beli kat N.agoya. They have two floors of curtains. Memula nak gak survey kat SS.F Curtains or S.ogo since S.ogo tgh sale but malas dah nak gi jauh2. My aunt bought the same material at Nilai, it was much cheaper in N.agoya. Yg corak2 kaler cream and brown tu was only RM8 per metre. Since rumah I sekangkang semut je, I don't have too buy many metres pun. The one with strawberry prints tu RM12 per metre kut,beli 2 metre je sbb utk dapur je, tu pun berangan langsir yg half je utk dapur, takmo tutup semua. Kotak2 merah tu was just RM2 plus per metre, also for dapur. Tingkap dapur tu cinonit je :P. If you do find places yg ada material corak2 buah/sayur comey2, do tell me ya! Hihi.

Amy said...

*Cringe* kesilapan word 'too'. Should be to. Heheh

Anonymous said...

Bestnyer dah ada rumah sendiri ni ek? bleh godek2 sendiri color dinding, jenih perabut .. apa yang kita suka nak letak .. gaya apa .. letak katil kat ruang tamu ka ..

Semoga rumah baru nanti akan membawa rahmat dan hidayah Allah kepada penghuninya.

Happy for you Amy *hugs*


Amy said...

Ai Ling - AMINNN. *hugs* thank you. Hahha Ling ..kot letak katil kat ruang tamu mahu takde tetamu nak mai rumah aku hiks.