Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been awarded!


Mata dah tak larat tongkat but I wanna do this tag first. Been drafting this for the last two days. Kak Dills had awarded me with 'Uber Amazing Blog' award and she has this to say about me:

Amy - Jiran rapat masa in PPP/ITM. Those were the days, eh Amy? hihihihihihi.. One of the most self-less person I have ever met. Always thinking about others before herself. She's our main organizer for the all-girls' outings and the annual IKEA break-fast do. Love this woman to bits, it's about time that she loves herself as much!

Thanks akak! I'm flattered. Even to have someone religiously reading my blog pun is already an award by itself. So these are the rules set by Kak Dilla that I copy paste from her blog..haha.

# Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.

# Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.

# Pick your ten (10) most deserving receipients and describe them.
# Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged
# Paste the award badge in your sidebar

5 interesting facts about my Kak Dills:

1) One of the most kind-hearted person I ever known. Betul ni. Bukan saja puji2
2) Hot mama yg stylo
,tak nampak macam dah ada anak 3 ok?
3) She's one of the few people I would ask and ensure she's available before I even organize a meet up/lepak session. Lepak Session will not be meriah if she's not around.

4) She's blessed with big happy family
5) Has a great sense of humor, pipi bleh sakit kalau lepak lelama dgn dia :)

10 interesting facts about myself or hobbies:

I've just done this like a month ago. Please click
here. (Hahah, aku adjust sket kasi ringkas ye Kak Dilla :P, jgn marah!)

10 most deserving recipients and describe them:

The ones I chose below are those blogs that I read religiously. Banyak lagi tapi dah kena pilih 10, so I chose the best 10. So, those mentioned below, you can then choose another 10 person you want to award, tapi tak nak buat pun takpe. Cukup la you know that I looked forward to your next entry..Even busy pun, aku akan click and baca jugak. Jadi rajin2 la sket update :P

No 1 --> Arena
Her blog is one of the first few that I read when I've just started to read blogs. Maybe because we have some things in common. I love the way she tackle things that are thrown to her. Kiranya, I like her strength la and wish I could be as strong as her :)

No 2 --> Zetty

Found her blog through Pijah's. Started reading when her late Dad was struggling with cancer. And I was hooked. She never fail to make me smile whenever I read her postings, she's witty and even in complex situation, dia bleh tukar mende tu jadi lawak je. I had the opportunity to get to know her personally and she's just like how she writes, and fun to hang out with. Lagi2 kalau Fina ada sama, memang naik tanduk :)
. Antara penyebab pipi bleh sakit sebab gelak banyak sangat.

No 3 --> Kak Lin
Dia pun suka tengok bulan macam saya! A cat lover.

No 4 --> Izan
One cool chic. Love reading about her writings on fashion, food and trips. Hope you're reading this. I'm puzzled why I can't seem to leave comments on your posts.

No 5 --> Kak Shana

I just started reading her few months back. Masa tu she was posting about how she met the hubby, the post was for their anniversary and I'm glued. And I call her a superwoman coz walaupun busy dgn career, errands and kids, she still find time to entertain friends/relatives and cook a storm! Mana dia dapat energy pun tak tau :). And she's in Bali now holiday with the whole family..nice eh?

No 6 --> Juan
One tough cookie indeed. Admire her strength and her positive attitude. Of course I also love drooling at pictures of her daughter, cute as a button!

No 7 --> Aje

My PPP friend, and my sister. She was born 10 days after me :P. That makes her a Scorpio. Love reading her thoughts and love hanging out with her. Tak pernah rasa cukup masa nak borak

No 8 --> Nomee
My PPP friend. Bleh tahan kelakar entry-entry dia.

No 9 --> Nana
Mama rock sejati..with her super cute Deena yg cheeky.

No 10 --> Mama Maira & Misha Love reading about her kids and her trips, as well as her baking. One tough lady, and a very pretty one too :)

So there goes. Ok Kak Dilla, tag done!

My legs are killing me. I have to brave myself for this Saturday's Convocation. Hopefully everything run smoothly. Been doing this for the past 5 years kat previous company, should be kacang putih but this is quite different, different protocol, bigger volume.

So, I only have Sunday for my weekend. Dad dearest kata grill akan dipasang this Sunday. I've to make up my mind on the kitchen cabinet color. Macam dah dekat je ni, barang2 lama dah banyak buang, tapi tak habis2 lagi ngemas ni apa kes?

Enjoy your weekend! Love is...when he's willing to wash your car :)


dillazag said...

Thanks for the reply, dear! And thanks for the kind words.. :)

Intersting jugak blogroll awak ni. Saya nak check it out jugaklah.. Nak add onto mine! ;)

BTW, Kita pun award kat Kak Shana and Aje tau! :) Samalah kite...

Amy said...

Kak Dills - Tahu..tapi kita nak juga award diaorg dua org sbb kita mmg soooka :). Add, jgn tak add. Kak, aku ngantok :P

Zetty said...

awwww...terharu tau!
insya allah ada masa aku buat...skrg tgh huru hara sikit la.

Amy said...

Zets - Hihih. No problem. Tengah siapkan assignment ke ada exams going on?

toughcookie said...

i like your last statement. must show acat hikhikhik...

thanks for the award. i am truly touched.

take care, ya.

Amy said...

Juan - Hhaha. Alah, Acat pampered you a lot tau! Setakat basuh kereta tu, celah gigi je :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alaaaaa...buat segan kak lin je amy ni. blog kak lin bukan ada mende pung... *blush* nanti bila-bila kak lin ada kelapangan kak lin buat ek...muwakssssssssss!!

ujie said...

aku pon ske baca blog arena tp sekang tak leh baca lg :(

Amy said...

Kak Lin - For you maybe takde mende but I look forward to your next post la kak Lin..ok buat la bila free. I know you're tired from Celi's wedding kan? Heheh

Ujie - Yeap, one of the best. Kena request la lagi sekali kut hehe.