Monday, August 10, 2009

Strawberry and such

So, it’s been a week since I last moved in. Pretty tiring I must say. Tried unpacking after dinner but I end up either in front of the TV or bed. Typical la kan. Saturday B was on leave and had made plans with his friends to go fishing. After an American breakfast (to my standard :P), he left and I was all alone. I figured that it will be the best time to unpack all the boxes, and clean up the room at the back as I was preparing for my mother in law who will be arriving the same night. So to speak.

I did clean and unpacked, but kejap kemas, kejap baring depan TV. Then back to cleaning the room, only to be lying on the sofa and watching the TV again. Managed to mop the rooms and kitchen by 6pm, and I decided that I have no more energy to unpack everything. So, there are still few boxes left unpacked. Non important ones.

Went to Jalan TAR yesterday to accompany MIL and met my Mama and sis there for a drink. I miss my Mama so much although it’s only been a day since I last saw her. And it still breaks my heart whenever I hug/kiss her goodbye. Gosh, when would I ever get over this feeling?
My sis gave me the new Sophie Kinsella novel that I have been eyeing, as a present after she got that bonus. Bless her, sweet kan? I’m just into the 5th page so far. And my Aunty bought me this cute pair of strawberry printed slippers to be wore in the kitchen, along with other strawberry printed utensils. It felt good to be loved by many :)


Anak Daddy said...

Read your earlier entry on your new home. It's lovely!. Your kitchen looks like you've stayed there for years. Congratulations on your new home.

Amy said...

A.Teh - Mai la visit. I haven't meet Rayyan. Sms me eh. Stayed for years ok lagi, tapi tak nampak langsung macam dah cooked for years kan? Hihihi my cooking sucks la..malu. Tapi sangat kiasu ok, terpercik sket dekat tiles, terus lap, percik kat lantai, terus mop..tak tahu la berapa lama nak bertahan macam ni :P. Mama kata kat Tiyah hari tu, "Amboi bila dapur sendiri bukan main lagi dia mengelap" Dang! :P

aisha said...

wah wah.. macam banyak berlingkar jer kak dr mengemas...hehehhe.. well, dah tgk ada cap jari saya ak kat pintu pagar akak?if saya tau akak ada umah, sure saya datang menyerang..tapi tak sampai ati gak benarnyer..mesti akak kepenatan bersiar2 di jalan tar... tapi kak, tempat tu ok la.. boleh dipertimbangkan nih..silap2 kita jadik satu taman la ek...skarang ni tengah nak melobi la nih nak dok PUJ..

wanshana said...


Cutenya slippers strawberry tu :)

Hmmmm, we were also at Jalan TAR semalam from about 1:00 until 5:00p.m. Tapi, I pakai topeng, so, maybe kalau terserempak pun, tak perasan lah kot?

Anyway, take it easy with the unpacking of stuff and all. You're gonna stay there for a long time, insya Allah. No need to rush :)

Amy said...

Sha - Tau takpe..berlingkar lebih dari ngemas..but seriously akak rasa sangat penat! Abg Zul pun kata 'Lama lagi nak duduk, sibuk benor nak ngemas semua sekarang'..rimas la kalau org datang kotak dok ada lagik. Tahnya awak ni, org tunggu dia dtg..ok kan situ..PUJ9 ler dah alang2 tu..:)

Kak Shana - Really? I was there from 10am till about near to 12pm je. I would have said hi if I can recognize u la..hehe. But memang nampak quite a number of people wearing masks. Tu la, exactly what Zul said tapi rimas sebenarnya. So now ni tengok sapa yg menang, rimas ke penat..kalau penat yg menang, tido je la alamatnya.

Zetty said...

cute giller slipar strawberry!

Amy said...

Haha..tu la..sooooka aku.. Mak Lang aku ni memang tahu taste aku, sbb tu aku soooka shopping dgn dia dgn mak aku :D.. ajak la Fina singgah rumah aku..hihi

kay said...

bestnya rumah baru!
dah jgn nangis2..nanti u'll appreciate yer parents more; now that depa x depan mata.
anyway nanti review citer sophie kinsella tu. i tunggu!

Amy said...

Kay - Tu la dianya. Ok nanti I review, tapi tah bila la nak habis. I'm on page 30 plus I think. Tebal siot. But I'm liking every moment, cheeky and funny :)

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