Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections of 2009

As usual, I like to reflect on what has happened for the past one year, the good and the bad. Let's see:

The bad
~ Top of my list would be the demise of my friend, Ridzuan in May. May he rest in peace, Amin..
~ Work/career wise, not so happy about it.

Gila, macam dah tak bleh nak pikir apa lagi yg menyedihkan ini tahun.

The good
~ Top in my list, of course la pasal rumah dah siap and it has been 4 months since I moved. Am loving the house, loving my own space but at times, I do miss the gelak2/lepak2 session baring2 atas katil with Mama and Tiyah (alah, dah kuar air mata plak :((). Tiyah, if you're reading this, do cherish the moment you're having now with Mama and Ayah, besok2 dah kahwin, dah pindah sure rinduuuu sgt.
~ B dpt keje kat KJ. So dah tak worry dia drive jauh2 pegi keje
~ Bonus, walaupun..
~ Azim now reunited with my brother
~ Finally succumbed to FB, and enjoying the friendship rebonding with old friends from primary and secondary schools, and with cousins.

My hopes and wishes for 2010? Maybe this time, biarlah jadi rahsia di hati. Of course, I hope and wish for all the good things to happen. Moga diri lebih sempurna dan bahagia.

Have a great year ahead. Below are pictures of my nephews taken when they went to Genting last week with my bro and sis in law.


aisha said...

kakakku..happy new year.. have fun ek during the weekends...hope all your wish will come true and ggod things happen to you.. take care yourself dear sis..jangan stress byk sgt kay...
muaaahhhh and big hugss!!!

Silent Scribbler said...

Nice! BTW, you are tagged! Check out my blog. :-)

Linda said...

Yang sedih/menyedihkan usah dikenang, too heavy to carry on your shoulder..

Happy New Year to you, May the new year bring lots of joy & happiness, as well as Allah's blessings and much more love in your life, family & marriage...

Love you dear! Mmmuuaahhhss!!

Amy said...

Eyhh rasa dah comment tadi, tak kuar plak.

Sha - Tq dear! Tak balik Kuantan ke>

Aisha - Owhhh, ada blog rupanya. Camner Kak Amy bleh terlepas pandang! Will add ur url in my blogroll eh? Interesting tag, will do it soon althouh I think my readers had enough about me and Abg Zul :P

Linda - Aminnn. Tq babe, aku pun doakan yg elok2 utk ko in 2010. Lap u too!

Nomee said...

Happy New Year Amy. Moga apa yang diimpikan di tahun 2010 akan jadi kenyataan. Thank you for being a great friend during 2009. Hope to see you more often in year 2010.

Amy said...

Awwwww Nomee..thank you for the kind word. Aku kena jadi organizer lagi ke utk 2010? Dah la phone numbers banyak hilang bila phone rosak *mati*. Insyallah, will organize more meet ups soon and will invite u. Tak puas ah sembang malam tu, kejap sgt. *hugs*

Linda said...

Wehhh...ajak aku sekalik, okkeh! Tak aci laa gossip tak ajak...

Amy said...

Linda - Harus laaa..insyallah :)