Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First tag in 2010 :)

Awal tahun dah kena tag by Aisha, Sadry's wife :). It's my pleasure to do this tag, Sha hehe. The rule is to put up my wedding picture and answer these questions:

1) First time you met him - when and where?
It was February 2001, can't remember the exact date, in Subang Jaya, SS15. I was jobless, after my contract in I.BM ended and had just attended an open interview in M.axis. I have this group of friends I knew through online chatting and sometimes hang out (ngeteh). One of them, Niqa ajak hang out in SS15 to meet Hakim and Sepol, which I only knew online for couple of years but never met them. So, I figured, why not. Tengah sembang2, B came after he finished his shift and I was introduced to him. I've never chatted with him, and never heard his nickname. I thought to myself 'Ni mesti budak baru'. He was very quiet, and the only thing I remembered about him that night was his eyes. Mata dia ada ketumbit belah kiri. Haha :)

2) Love at first sight?
Not really. At that time, I had just ended a very hurtful relationship with someone. And seeing how quiet B was, I felt that susah nak ngam dgn dia ni.

3) Who is he when the first time you met him?
Just another new chatting friend (rupanya dia dah lama chat, sama lama dgn aku and he did tegur me online way back but aku tak layan dulu :P)

4) How long does it take for him to ask you out for a date?
He got my phone number a week after that (rupanya takdelah pendiam sgt!). But between us, we were just friends. We started going out in groups almost every week since I had also started working in M.axis on a shift basis. So kerap la jumpa, ngeteh, hang out. It took about a year before we really went on dates, just the two of us.

5) First place you went for a date?
Serious tak ingat coz we always hang out in groups. But I'm pretty sure our first official date was a movie date.

6) How did he proposed?
Takde on bended knees, flowers and lovey dovey. I guess it just happened. But I remembered we became an item in 2002 and during Raya 2002, he called me up and while casually talking, he told me that his mother will be coming to merisik. His mother came in January 2003, we got engaged in March 2003 and wedding was December 2003.

7) Special date with him?
Every date is special in it's own way. Lame tak my answer? Haha.

8) Changes that he ask you to do?
To be calmer and to manage my anger. Aku ni kan kepala angin. Still trying to improve.

9) What is it about him that you love so much?
Ahh, this is a tricky one. You see, if I were to list down, the list will be endless! But among others, penyabar (sangat), funny and always sensed if there is anything bugging me. He ALWAYS call at the right time and always know what to say to make me feel better. For example, today. I felt a little down at work today, air mata dah bergenang but I wiped it off and tried to continue working. Right at that moment, he called. He usually will call me during lunch time but sometimes, dia macam tahu je I'm feeling down and he called. So, tadi, bila nampak je displayed on phone screen 'Hubby', I dashed to another room and angkat phone je terus nangis. Huhu pathetic sungguh.

10) What is about him that you wish he would change?
Similar to Aisha, I wish he would quit smoking. Kalau tak quit pun, kurangkan. Memang dah kurang sekarang, but nak kurangg lagi.

11) You lose your mind and crack your head when he?
You see, he's the opposite me. Aku kiasu about everything, dia ni relax. But he drives me crazy when he is too relaxed about some things.

12) You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he?
Gave me surprises macam bunga masa birthday hari tu or simply when he text-ed to say he miss me..awww, senyum sampai tinger :)

13) Complete below sentence : "My love towards my husband is as big as...?
The world, the galaxy, infinity. He means the world to me.

Ok, next..I want to tag:

Intan Lily Rafidah

Sila la buat ye..nak jugak tahu kisah cinta korang :))

Next update : The weekend in Perlis.


mamacrocs said...

woit adalah tak aci coz kesah centa aku ngko adalah master mind ...ha..ha.. u know more than me

Amy said...

Tak kira..nak gak baca in your own writing..sila la buat ye.

aisha said...


Amy said...

Apo feewit feewit? Hihii bila nak lunch sesama ni? Jom besok dekat dgn opis awak? Sha, pls sms me ur number.phone kak amy kan masuk jamban dan hancur dah semua nombor.

Nomee said...

Fuh..... nasib baik tak kena tag ni....hahahaha. Very the sweeeettt Amy.

ms ngantuk said...

hahaha nanti i try buat eh. mcm weird lak nk citer2 kesah chenta :)

Silent Scribbler said...

yeay! kak amy dah buat dah... he he he he. nanti i cari other tags for you. :-P seriously, yours is a very sweet love story. :-)

Amy said...

Nomee - Aku dah terpikior ko dah memula tu. Tapi sbb asyik tag ko je dan dlm list tu yg aku tak pernah tag lagi, so aku suruh diaorg la haha.

Kay - Tu la, sbb jarang tnegok u blog about it, so I kepochi nak tahu. Buat eh? :)

Sha - Haha, bring it on. Saya ni kan rajin :). Takde sweet la..I think your love story lagi sweet, two strangers destined to meet kat tempat keje :). And sweet sgt sadry tumpangkan balik walaupun jauh dari rumah dia. Bleh tahan mamat ni! I have a new perspective of Mr Sadry now :P

toughcookie said...

i rasa you and B sangat cute couple... serasi... like you guys memang belong together :)

dillazag said...

Amy, sangat shweet... bila nak ngeteh ni.. Aku jeles la ko asyik makan makan dengan Ros dengan Aje.. Walaupun aku dah gemuk, aku nak gak makan-makan dengan korangs.. hihihihihi

mamacrocs said...


Amy said...

Juan - I feel the same way about u and Acat la. Memang destined to be together :)

Kak Dilla - Tu gathering Scorpios kitaorg. Bila ni nak makan sesama?

Intan - tq beb!

-LaiLa- said...

Dear, comelnyer itu gambar kawen... ;)

Fina said...

gila sweeet siot...kau masih ingat dia ada ketumbit tak tahan tu....gila bayang tak lepas tu?? hahaha

Amy said...

Laila - Tu dah lepas batal air semayang, and disebabkan dia lupa nak kancing balik baju melayu lepas semayang sunat, they all (my bro and cousins) suruh I kancingkan..eee geram je :)

Fina - Yer ahh! Muka pemalu siot, lawak je.