Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy 64th Birthday Ayah

Today is Ayah's 64th birthday..

Moga Ayah dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, juga diberi kesihatan yg berpanjangan. Amin

Bought him an MP3 player. I know he had been bringing note book when he attend any ceramah agama, and he will write it down. So kadang2 bila sembang2, he told me he could not catch up to write all the important details. Tu yg I came up with this idea to give him the MP3. At least he can record, then balik rumah he can listen to it again and take his time to write it down.

Will be going to parents house for a simple dinner tonight with hubby. Hope he likes the present :)


Konot said...

happy 64th birthday to your father!
sama baya ayah kita eh?

nadya.s said...

happy birthday uncle!

long life to amy's dad!!! may allah bless you & family.

Amy said...

Konot - Ye ke? That's why la dia ada anak gorgeous berbintang Scorpios haha. :)

Nad - Thank you. Aminn

Linda said...

Allah panjangkan umur & murahkan rezeki ayahnya Amelia...:)

Amy said...

Thanks Linda *hugs*