Sunday, December 06, 2009

The short weekend

Memang rasa pendek je weekend ni :)

Well, I've met him and talked/discussed about the work structure. I think I'm just going to go ahead and send the CV first. And only decide once I get the offer letter, that is if they think I'm worth to be interviewed la, tak leh la confident sgt kan? Pikir lama2 pun buat sakit kepala je. I'll deal with it when the time comes.

My brother held a birthday party for Akif who will turn two on 11th December. Party was held Saturday, saja buat awal kut. Abang pun invite jiran2 dan my family and my SIL's family je. Akif was being his cheeky self, rasa nak pulas2 je tinger dan pipi dia tu. Lasak sungguh! Now dah mula cakap sket2, tak la faham sgt butir apa dia cakap, tapi dia pakai bahasa isyarat gak, tunjuk2 pakai tangan..haha comel, Angah geram! Below are pictures during the party and a video of him. Susah nak dpt dia senyum, dia lari kalau suruh dia posing. Tak macam abangnya, Adam.

Sunday morning I asked my sis to accompany me to ' Heboh'..hehe tak tau angin apa but teringin nak rasa pegi Heboh, lagipun it's the last tour of the year and it was held in Bkt Jalil. Alang-alang aku dah duduk sini and Tiyah pun nak pegi office jap, so aku ajak le. Mmm kaki sakit lagi, so jalan pun dengkit2..nothing much pun, or maybe because I went early in the morning. Drop by H.otfm and nampak I.khwan, there were supposed to be others tapi tak sampai lagi, so Tiyah and decided to take gedix picture with him and left.

Hihi, comel I.khwan ni :P

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