Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kuantan trip

Sorry for the lack of updates. Selain penat, saya takde mood sangat2. Yeah, I know I've been using this 'takde mood' excuse but this is what I'm feeling at the moment, ok?

I just came back from Kuantan last Sunday for work. Bagi summary je ok tak?

~ Kuantan was super hot

~ The work is tiring, mentally.
~ B had a gala time going fishing and meeting his ex schoolmates
Here's hoping for another entry by this week, or if not by this week pun, a happier post than this.


mamacrocs said...

Ini memang entry gaban tak da mood ni

Fina said...

aku pun kat kuantan gak last weekend....ada cybergames fest for school children...kau duduk mana?

Amy said...

Intan - Now dah ok :)
Fina - ler kalau ko khabor bleh gak jumpa. Tapi tu la, aku pun packed je jadual. Diaorg provide hotel Shahza.n Inn. Selalunya Grand Continental tapi full. Ok la Shahza.n Inn, not bad.