Monday, April 05, 2010

Of weddings (again?) and massage

Just a quick update, of a friend's wedding and a massage session I had last 2 weekends.

Lan's wedding was held in K.ota again. But since dah ada experience and kad kahwin dia sgt jelas (his kad kahwin mentioned Rembau ok), so it was easy peasy to find the place. And I wore the baju that Mama helped sew the maniks :)
Selamat Pengantin Baru Lan.. moga dipanjangkan jodoh ke akhir hayat..Amin. Pegi honeymoon ke Bali tu!

My sister and I went to a massage session in T.hai O.dyssey in Bandar Kinrara. We had full body massage and our cousin, Albi also joined us but she only went for an hour foot massage. Overall, it was rejunevating, and I think I prefer my sis punya masseur (camtu ke eja) sbb dia lagi rajin than mine.
Now memang dah terasa bahang ke 'busy' an at work as exams are starting next weekend. I had received a call last week to confirm the employment offer tapi till I get the offer letter and is satisfied with the offer, baru la aku nak tender.

Even if you might not understand my decision, I hope I get your support yer friends? Let's hope there's another post this week :P


Silent Scribbler said...

ha baru ada update. :-) Kak Amy, bestnye pegi massage. Teringin plak. Takpe kak amy no matter what your decision is, people who care about you just want you to be happy. Take care!

aisha said...

lagik satu contoh entry ngelat.. hehehehhe.. wah..bermassage massage tak ajak pung!!

Anie said...

puhhhh!! puhhh!! mintak2 dapat offer letter cepat. Amin.

Amy said...

Mana pegi hilang lagi satu comment nih? hmmm

T.Sha - Hihi sorry la, busy sokmo. Sekali sekala pamper ourself. U know what, that's the exact words yg my mom and en Zul cakap.. yg penting they want me to be happy.

Amy said...

Sha - Haha masa kita post entry ni semalam kita dah ckp dlm hati 'Mesti Sha cakap update ngelat' hihi.. Alah awak dok jauh la.. ingat ke dulu beria la nak beli rumah kat area rumah kita tu, bleh gak numpang tengok GA dan movie2 yg awak rajin download tu hihi

Mel - Aminn

Maff said...

Ya. Saya support ape je yg awak pikir baik untuk awak.

Zetty said...

rembau adalah yg terbaik!

changing jobs eh...hmm, opis baru dekat2 ngan umah ke? hhihii. speku ni.

Amy said...

Maff - Tq babe. Waalaikumsalam. I mish yew.. bilakan ketemu ni?

Zets - Haha hidup Rembau! Tengok dulu offer letter camner.. I'm dying here right now!

gus said...

I'm sure your decision is the best for you.

Anak Daddy said...

A.Teh support your decision 101%!!

Amy Syaquena said...

Follow me on my blog for my updates! :)nice to meet u and have a good day!!