Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wish I have this life forever..

Contrary to what you imagine my life would be now that I'm on annual leave, I still get up early. Cuma adalah naps in between sbb dah ngantuk sesangat bila stay up tengok World Cup. Dah seminggu tak keje, baru hari ni yg I got the opportunity to have afternoon nap, tu pun sbb dah knackered out lepas jalan2 cari barang kat Jalan TAR dgn Mama.

Just a recap since my last blog entry, I met my Unimates last Saturday. Too bad Linda, Julie and Alin could not make it, it would be merrier I bet. I love the ambience kat situ, Kodeng booked us seats and they place us in this privacy it. I personally think the food price is a bit pricey but their desserts are to die for especially the banana wahae. Worth every penny. Will definitely go again for the banana wahae! Enjoy the pics.

After the Marc.he session, went window shopping in Curve for a while with Aje and Norzie and then I left and went to my mom's as my bro's family came visiting. Had dinner with them, went home to BJ and went back to KJ the next morning to have a Father's Day breakfast with the whole family. Dapat la spend time dgn my nephews.

This morning pegi KL with my mom, made some purchases and some 'accidental purchases'. Tak tahan tengok corak2 cute ni sure aku nak grab. Before this pegi Nilai and saw this handbag printed material, so I bought it and mama going to sew a table runner for me. And today this coffee/espresso printed material, and aku beli utk buat langsir di dapur. Kronik aku ni. Hehe.

Till the next post.


mamacrocs said...

Tempat reunion adalah sgt cantekkk reserve kay

Amy said...

Sangat..dia ada macam2 tema private room dia, tapi yg English theme ni yg paling cantik pada aku..berangan macam duduk kat garden sendiri tuu..

Anonymous said...

tak ingat kat aku pon ekk huhuhuhuhuuu ~ hiemash