Friday, July 02, 2010

I'm not good in packing light

Malas betul nak pikir tajuk. I know I owe T.Sha and Juan two tags. Nanti next week I buat eh.

Am packing for Singapore trip this weekend. Will be going off tomorrow morning with two of my BFFs, Aje and Rosnah and coming back Sunday night. Pretty excited, bukan sbb nak shopping (betulllll B) but more on spending time with them. They are my BFF, and also Scorpio babes.

I shall be back with more updates (and pictures) ok?

Have a nice weekend you all! I should get back to (trying light) packing.


toughcookie said...

ala bestnyeeeeeee...... borong singapore eh :D

Amy said...

Hahah, kena kawal diri ni. Semalam pun dah beli Crocs. I tukar skettt je duit Singapore so that I tak lupa diri..wish me luck!

Dreamerz said...

Owh Amy, Bestnya pegi jalan2 dengan BFFs. I pernah gak plan, tape pergi Bandungla. Buka Singapore. Tempat yang matawang kita besar baru best, hehehhe..


Amy said...

Che Na - This is the first trip planned with BFF, test the water dulu hehe..kalau ok, bleh melangkah jauh sket.

Anie said...

I really wanna know your perspective on 'light packing' muahahahahaha harap2 ko tak bawak lampu suluh.