Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Movie Review : This Means War

I had two free movie tickets since Nov-Dec last year and kept postponing to use it until last Saturday (coz it expires on 29th Feb :P). Pikir punya pikir, movie paling sesuai 'This Means War' sebab katanya ada action, romance and comedy. Kiranya aku anggap Zul temankan aku je la tengok movie ni. Dah cuba cari action movie lain tapi waktu tayangan tak berapa sesuai coz Zul keje till 7pm. So our movie ni 9.30pm.

Had dinner in SR Pyramid, then terus gi ke TGV. If I were given a choice, I normally chose GSC dari TGV coz GSC lebih comfy kerusinya and counter dia tak berterabur. Tapi dah tiket free tu for TGV only, layankan je la with low expectation. Quite berubah jugak dah TGV Pyramid, snack counter pun dah banyak. So agak impressed dah di situ. Then masuk theatre dia and duduk "Wah sedapp dah kerusi dia and tinggi". Seat row number pun displayed right below armrest jadi macam takyah tunduk2 sgt gitu..lampu pun terang, takyah nak pakai handphone light semata2 nak tengok seat row number.

Ni movie review Amy, bukan theatre review..ok,ok. So at the beginning, I thought this will just be another chick flick movie that I'll enjoy la. Tapi turns out it's more than just a chick flick movie. Action dlm 30%, romance 20%, comedynya 50%. The audience were laughing so hard and clapping hands kauuu. And I think Zul enjoyed the movie too, gelak2 sampai senget2 badan. Kelakar!

Reese Witherspoon memang best la, ditambah dgn dua main actor yg kacak, cuci mata lor. Cerita dia pasal Reese yg mencari jodoh and decided to try online dating, jumpa plak dgn one of the CIA yg also tried online dating. Lepas dating dgn CIA tu, she met this other CIA and end up dia sesuka dedua. These two CIAs ni plak best friends and team partner. So, when they found out that they like the same woman, masa ni yg super funny sebab memasing try to impress her and with the advantages of being a CIA agent, habis segala gadget and equipment diaorg utilize untuk intip each other and outcast each other. Kalau ingat2 balik, memang senyum sorang2.

So, siapa yang dipilih? Korang kena la pegi tengok :). Rotten tomatoes punya critics a bit nasty tapi dekat IMDB website they all bagi 6.5 over 10. I would give 8/10 kut. This movie is 18SX anyway..I enjoyed the movie and the company, of course ;p.

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