Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another heart breaking news

I never thought I will blog again so soon.. I just received sms from Tiyah - "Miya, tadik Albi sms, Mak Ngah kena breast cancer ..kena operate 15th January" For about 5 seconds, I felt numb as I was driving in the heavy traffic jam at LDP on my way back home from work.


Mama is the eldest of 5. Mak Ngah second, then Mak Lang, then Pak Teh and last, arwah PakCik. My arwah PakCik died of penumonia in 1997/98 at the age of 35 or so. I was still in PPP back then. He was married to a Brunei citizen and I always remembered how beautiful my MakCik Ana was. My PakCik has been living in Brunei for about 6 years and had visited us in KL occasionally and mainly shopping here la. About a week before he died, he called mama and told her that he needs to come back to KL for his medical check up and follow up.. so we were happy sbb dah couple of years tak jumpa he and the family. Tapi Allah lebih sayangkan dia, one day before his flight to KL, he died in my MakCik Ana's arms.

Pak Teh was already in Brunei at that time to accompany PakCik balik KL and so he had to deliver that devastating news to mama. I wish I was there in Perlis with mama to comfort her coz ayah said condition mama teruk sangat time tu..could you imagine, her youngest brother, so young and tinggal sehari jek lagi before balik KL and tak sempat jumpa mama..Mama took the next flight to Brunei immediately..although we all sedih sbb arwah Pakcik dikebumikan kat Brunei, not in Perlis tapi we all ikut nasihat Tok Wa "Jgn seksa mayat travel jauh2, kebumi kat mana pun sama, bumi Tuhan".

Abang called my handpone and deliver the news. I still remember that I just got back from class and was walking towards my room in PPP when I got the news...terduduk aku kat luar tu, kat kerusi batu depan Blok 1. I still miss my PakCik...:(

*habis flashback*

Pagi tadi, Pak Teh sms me to look at page 9 of The Sun..dlm hati dok pikir "Ni nak buat lawak apa lagi Pak Teh aku ni" as dia ada jek idea nak kenakan anak2 sedara dia ni.. amboi2, masuk iklan pulak yek? Macam tak percaya je muka Pak Teh ada dlm paper..

Then petang ni dapat news pasal Mak Ngah plak. I straight away ask one of her daughters, yg memang doktor, trying to get the full picture. She said it's Stage 1, and it can be cured lepas operation and they will decide whether any kimo is needed after the tissue cell is being examined. When I reached home, mama was in her room.. not being sure, I asked ayah whether mama knew and ayah asked me to deliver the news myself. Boy, my palms were sweating when I went into the room. So, I told her..she did not cry but air mata dia bergenang. I know what she was thinking at that time, I know she was thinking about my arwah PakCik and what would happen now. Apparently, Mak Ngah had told her last week that she's going for check up but Mak Ngah hasn't told mama the outcome.

We're just praying that the operation went well and the cancer can be cured..I've told my cousins to keep me informed about her condition and let me know shall they need my help to take care of their babies while they are taking care of Mak Ngah..

Macam2 dugaan dari Allah untuk hambaNya kan? Aku baca Ween punya blog tadi pun jumpa kata2 ni
Allah hanya akan memberikan sesuatu cubaan kepada orang yang disayanginya dan di mana cubaan itu hanya sehingga ketahap yang mana seseorang itu boleh terima


hiemash said...

pray a lot to Allah and only He knows....banyak2 bersabar okay amy.

Amy said...

Hiemash..thanks for the encouraging words..