Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yg sedih, yg happy 2006

Just to 2006

Yg sedih..

~ 4 of my nieces and nephews : Alissa, Azim, Afrina & Afiq went to stay in Qatar in March with their mother - unannounced and no medium to contact. My family was so devastated and my heart crushed. None of us ever talk about this as fear of us breaking down in tears again, I think. I miss them terribly, how cruel (rasa air mata dah bergenang *sigh). I hope they miss us too and still ingat kat dia punya aunty and grandparents :(

~ been trying for you-know-what for the past 3 years. Only option now is IVF which I think is too expensive. Need to consult second opinion or go rob a bank :P eheh I don't think so, am not that desperate yet.

~ how other people's remarks about item No 2 above is tearing me apart. You would have to be in my situation to understand what it feels like ok.. jgn cakap sedap mulut je. Need to learn the art of 'pekakkan telinga' la now.

~ useless friends are still around, u still didn't get the hint huh?

~ toll naik, minyak naik, harga barang naik...addeHH

~ the last year for me to be in my 20s, gonna hit 30 in 2007 ..ouCh!

Yg happy...

~ dah genap 3 tahun my marriage to B, still going strong despite the you-know-what situation for us. I pray to Allah that our love for each other will become stronger each year dan melepasi dugaan yg Allah beri.

~ ada increment walaupun takde bonus *sob*sob eheh tetap jeles dgn kawan2 yg dapat bonus riban-riban..especially this time of the year bila kena bayar insurance kereta

~ adik B, Ina dapat masuk UMS, Sabah this year doing her favorite major, Accountancy.

~ adik B, Yen dapat anak pompuan, Aishah..angel!
Tu jek la.. macam tak banyak pun accomplishment kan? Bleh la. This year has been ok. Am looking forward to 2007 and hopefully :

  • I'll become better (as a wife, daughter and friend) and wiser (richer pun best gak hihii)
  • Pray on time, jgn lengahkan masa dan ibadat diterima Allah, AMIN.
  • Dimurahkan rezeki - kerja yg bagus dan baby
  • Nak lebih rajin masak, not just normal dishes but to try new recipes. Semangat ni!
  • Wanna learn how to sew from mama. Not just normal sewing, but mama bleh buat baju kurung and baju kurung kedah ok? Can jahit curtain also. It will be a shame not to learn this from her
Itu je kut..yg boleh direveal di sini la...insyallah hopefully semua ni akan menjadi, bukan je untuk tahun baru but all the time...doakan ye?


izreen fara said...

hi amy.. dropping by your blog from your auntie teh's :P
anyway, i understand your baby issue - i had it too. my kakak urut dah urut a few people and alhamdullilah they all had their rezekis after that. but like they say, the fun is in the trying!!

Maff said...

Dear Amy,

I pray, that by this time, next year, when you write again in this blog on your "yg sedih and yg happy tahun nie" , item number two on your "yg sedih" would not even make the cut. AMIN

Amy said...

Izreen..eehehe thanks for dropping by *malu*malu*..singgah2 la selalu :P. Am still feeling skeptical about the urut thingy, coz byk sgt opinion. Am still thinking about it. Hope one day I will get a baby as cute as your Inky :)

Maff..*hugs* thanks doakan Amy eh?

zeedayazid said...

have i told u this yet amy? why don't u try Herba Dara Semula, it's just a supplement but many of my frens has testified that diorg dpt anak lepas makan supplement ni.. diorg oso dah try punyalah lama.. kalau nak info, email me directly ok. takut aku tak check je comments box ko ni.. :)

whatever it is, i wish u all the best in trying for a baby ok.. aku pun akan start trying in march.. kita sama2 try ok :)