Sunday, December 31, 2006

Raya Haji

I was on leave last Friday.. went to see Mak Ngah with mama, both of them cried. But after talking to my cousin, at least lega la sket, convincing words from a doctor herself. Hopefully the operation went smoothly in 2 weeks time..insyallah.

Then pegi umah abang, helping with packing as he's moving out soon. The cheeky Adam as usual la.. nak cakap tapi mulut pelat, tak paham apa dia nak cakap. Am happy to see him

Aik? Tengok jek..meh tolong Angah

Saya kena buli dgn Angah saya..iskk

Left for Pahang at about 9pm, dinner kat Uptown then head straight to MRR2. It was bumper-to-bumper jammed..very massive.. looks like semua nak balik Pantai Timur at the same time. Haiyaaa.. we reached his hometown only at 2am!
Boring gila dgn traffic jam ni..

Saturday just lazing around, dah malam baru masak. Mak made laksa, nasi lemak and rendang daging..and bought lemang..very small scale as this is only Raya Haji and we didn't expect many guests to turn up..and memang betul pun, today whole morning it was just the family jek. Hubby and me went to visit two of his friends' houses and we head back to KL. Jalan clear maybe coz ramai still cuti lagik. Arrived around 3.30pm and both the driver and me dozed off :)

The whole family - minus Hubby, the photographer and my sis in law, Ina who is in Sabah now

Me and Adawiyyah, she looked annoyed because she was busy playing PS2 :P

Note : By the time I finished writing this, I can hear the bunyi dentum2 (non-stop for 20 minutes already), and saw fireworks from my room... Happy 2007 everybody.. I'm officially 30 this year..goSh!

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