Monday, December 11, 2006

It's here to stay

I'm talking about the blogskin, that is. After several attempts, I've decided to give it a rest. It doesn't work in this Blogger Beta but it fit perfectly in Blogger. Everytime I tried loading the html code in Blogger Beta, it keep saying that there is an error. Tapi bila load kat Blogger lama, boleh plak? Ke aku yg kurang mahir? Lantak la..malas dah aku, biar pakai standard template ni jek la.

Oh, see the link on the right? Feel free to check it out, these are the blogs that I will read everyday. Mostly those by my ADP3 colleagues and ada jugak yg aku link kat sini sebab blog tu takde dlm ADP3 list macam Raff dgn Lan punya. And there are some nice blogs that I stumble upon after hopping from my friend's blogs like Zetty's, Che Fara, Freak&Geek and others.

Yes, I went to see Cicakman on Friday night at GSC One Utama. Just me and hubby. Well, what's my opinion? Aku rasa citer ni berjaya dari segi teknik and creativity. Brilliant imagination, Yusry buat as if Kota Metrofulus tu betul2 wujud. What I don't agree is the standard of acting. Aznil tetiba macam overacting (disuruh ke?) dlm citer ni dgn dia punya annoying trademark laughter. And what's up with Adlin Aman Ramlie dgn AC Mizal tu? Story line dia tak baper la..

Itu saja la movie review saya..


aishah said...

hmm knape yer.. tapi i installed it using blogger beta too, ok jer. takde rezeki kot.

Amy said...

Tah la Aishah, macam ko cakap le, takde rezeki kut padahal aku dah try pelbagai blogskin tapi same error message. Aku rasa cam laptop aku ni kut yg tak cukup software nyer..