Sunday, January 21, 2007

Albi's engagement

Yesterday night was my cousin, Albi's engagement day. All in all, it went quite smoothly, sket2 hiccups tu biasa la bila ada majlis kan? Albi wore a pink baju kurung moden. Cantik, and dia memang dah cantik and tall and, pakai apa and make up camner pun, cantik gak. Her elder sister merangkap planner, Haiza was so tired, and me the AJK was practically half running up and down (with the digital camera in hand of course! :P) especially when there was an aunty who wants her last minute gift to also be presented as one of the hantaran..

I panicked coz if I include her cupcakes, then there will be 6 hantarans, which is a bit odd. Luckily si Albi ni mmg prepare another hantaran for 'just in case'. So, it make 7 hantaran altogether. But the 'just in case' hantaran was not fully completed just as yet. That was at about 8.15pm when we got to know about the extra hantaran and rombongan lelaki was expected to arrive at 8.30pm! Albi asked for help to add final touch to the extra hantaran and I just fold some ribbons to go with the hantaran..and at the same time, my sister was looking for me coz rombongan dah sampai and I was actually being assigned to be the one to greet the ladies from the rombongan..aiyaaa..gua terjun 2 tangga sekaligus..hik hik.

Sempat jugak la take few pictures as below. Tapi langsung tak sempat ambik gambar hantaran as I was busy helping from replenish food, plates, glasses to even bancuh air bandung.. entah apa la rasanya :P ..all this with the digital camera still in my wrist. The wedding is expected to be anywhere between after Raya this year to Awal Muharram next year.

Heeheh and sure enough, my sister is the next target now for the popular question "Yg ko ni bila lagi???" ..all the best in answering the question Tiyah!
Lan's mother sarungkan cincin

Future mother in law came all the way from Saudi
The ring
Tiyah, Albi & me
Albi with cousins, aunties and uncle
Lan & Albi..Lan flew down all the way from Labuan just to meet her..hmm LOVE!
Tiyah and Adam.. happy si Adam ni kalau orang ramai2..

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