Friday, January 26, 2007

Vince, Amani & Burn

It was at 2.30pm today..tengah bosan layan call kat office when I caught a glimpse of him,Vince alah..budak AF1 tuh.. with Burn and Amani in my office..rupanya nak minta permission nak guna location for a video clip. This is the third time for Vince to be here, 1st time masa Wrigley's College Idol buat kat college ni, 2nd time was last week for a shooting and 3rd time today la. Video clip ni for lagu duet by Vince and Burn..Amani yg super comey tu act as the girl yg jadik rebutan :)
Burn had to leave early..and we all ambik gambar dgn Vince and Amani..tu jek la update. Till then

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