Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can't think of a title..

Was switching the channels while having dinner alone in the kitchen tonight, when I saw Zan Azlee & Apan starring in this movie in NTV7..I know Zan is involved in production and is also a lecturer..Movie was ok, some of the lines are funny, bukan funny bodo, tapi funny's like our everyday, ok gak la. Yasmin Ahmad was in the movie as well. Cuma rasa weird tengok Apan berlakon sbb dok teringat character dia yg gila2 kat college dulu :D

So, I had the stitches removed today. Not really a pleasant exeprience, especially masa doctor tarik benang tu..ngilu! The doctor said benang tu a bit sticky to be removed sbb aku dah la, nak mandi, nak sembahyang...sah2 le kena air..ello? Anyway, I'm glad that it's been removed..the scar doesn't look nice though and the very bad said kena hold dulu makan benda2 gatal till the wound is ok..arghh, aku tak larat nak makan ikan lagik..:P takpela, tunggu je la sampai ujung bulan, then I'm going to eat KFC and Chicken Supreme Pizza sampai muntah hehehee.

Ayah bought a new washing machine lepas yg old one gone kaput. Ok la, the old machine has served us for so long already, it's about time. But Ayah was so furious tadi sbb org tu janji nak deliver between 2pm-4pm..bila kul 4.30 tak hantar jugak, Ayah called

Apek : Tak boleh hantar hari ni la, jalan jammed

Ayah : You jangan cakap macam orang bodo ok? Hari ni Sabtu, mana ada jammed

And the fact that his shop is in SeaPark and it's only less than 10 minutes drive to my house. Total stupidity!!

Apek : Ok la, 5.30pm sampai

And memang tepat 5.30pm dia sampai..ehee don't play play dgn Ayah aku pasal time sbb he's very punctual..and mama always said 'Orang belajar kat RMC semua macam ni'. Mama is saying this based on her friend's an neighbour's experience of marrying men from RMC. Hiiiihihi. If Ayah said kita akan gerak kul 10am, you'd better be ready by 9.55am coz by 9.55am dia dah masuk kereta, on engine and will make me nervous kalau aku belum siap lagi by that time. And it's scary to realized that I'm becoming more and more like my father day after day..yikes!

On a different note, I had that dream again even when I just take a nap this afternoon. Last time, I dreamt of meeting Lisa, my precious niece which I haven't seen and talk with for a year. In the dream, I hugged her tight and tell her how much I miss her, and I wrote down my email address, handphone number, my YM ID, home address...all the ways that she can communicate with me coz I really want to keep in touch with her. It drive me nuts coz I don't know how is she now, and how was Adam, Afrina and Afiq..(letting out a loud sigh)

So, this afternoon, I dreamt about her calling my mother and telling her that she don't wanna live there anymore and she wanted to come back to Malaysia..and just when I was about to grab the phone from mama coz I want to talk to Lisa, the phone went dead. Boy, I was frustrated coz I miss her a LOT and I really want to talk to her to the point that I was crying in my dream..and I woke up from the dream with my eyes wet with tears, rupanya aku betul2 wept. Rasa berat je hati masa tu and I just continued my sleep, maybe hoping to continue with the dream, tapi takde pun. And now, yes, I'm a bit moody..and I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy from the internet..relevant tak? *rolling my eyes*. Do you think I'm over reacting coz I miss my niece and nephew? Seriously, they have a special place in my heart and when they left the country a year ago and unreachable/could not be contacted till now (I'm not going to elaborate), it's like part of me is missing. I will break down everytime the topic about them is brought up..are they thinking about us too? Are they missing us too? Do they still remember how their Angah look like? :(

My precious nieces, from right : Lisa and Afrina..I miss them both!


Drama Div@ said...

alah comelnyer... i suka small girl yg chubby, cute!! rasa cam nak gigit2 pipi....

Amy said...

Dah setahun I tak cubit pipi dia tau.. i miss them so much! :(

konot said...

amy..aku ni pun jenis yg punctual, and i really kenot tolerate ppl yg tak respect org punya time.

dillazag said...

Apan berlakon?
Wah.. glamer..glamer...

Amy said...

Yup Konot..very the uncivilised orang yg tak reti hormat time orang..

Kak Dilla - Tu la pasal..Apan berlakon serious pun aku rasa nak gelak, camno? :P cepat la kak..update Dubai Part 2..babap kang!

shell said...

saya maleh nak komen pasal itu apek tuh.. Just jangan beli Bosch cukup :P

i pun rasa ngilu bila baca cite ko.

Amy said...

Keh keh Shell..bila mama aku citer apa ayah aku cakap kat Apek tu, aku terus teringat ko punya story ok? Kalau ayah aku kena hadapi stuation cam ko, sure aku anak beranak kena pegang ayah aku to make sure he didn't strangle that Apek!