Sunday, May 13, 2007

Entry #101

Weekend yg penat.. Oh ye, I had lunch with Sandra on Friday. She came to my office simply because she wants to see me, rasa bertuah kan dapat kawan macam ni? Saturday morning started with us having breakfast in KJ, transfering all the ice-cream in the icebox and off we went to the Smart School for the Sports Carnival event.

This is my first time in Smart School. I'm quite impressed with the facilities there. Cantik la. We quickly set up our booth and started selling. Memula agak slow la coz all students were involved in sports events, lama-lama baru start laku bila they all dah habis first round. Me and a colleague pun had decided to carry a basket with the mineral waters and ice cream to the field (in scorching hot sun) just to keep the sales going on during the football matches and sort of promote what we are selling as some of them are not aware that we have booths inside the hall.

This is how our stall looks like - the price board were prepared last minute, nothing fancy as we didn't have time for it. There were also clowns there. Kerek clowns ni, bila org ambik gambar terus dia nak posing...ahahha kelakar.

Belum kira lagi berapa untung walaupun the collection is with me (too tired to even count the money)..but rasanya adalah RM100 lebih kut.We left Smart School at about 2pm and went to Subang Parade to have a relaxing lunch at Dave's Deli - me having lasagna as usual :D. I reached home at about 4pm and terus flat on the bed. Penat tak terkata..

Update for Fina : I didn't see him. His Paki gang were there but I didn't see him :D

Today, apart from cooking lunch, I didn't do much. Afternoon was spent sleeping for a well deserved rest, I think ahhahah. After dinner, mama, Tiyah and me went to visit Adam as the three of us miss him so much. I bought him a golf set toy, murah je plastic punya. He was so happy and laugh hysterically while playing with the golf set. Geramnya tengok dia! As usual, bila ambik gambar susah nak dapat gambar that he will stay put at one place. Dia nak pegang camera tu, so I had to take his picture while he was sitting on my lap and his hands on the camera..susah sungguh! He's going to be 2 years old this coming July - cakap pun dah macam2 sekarang. Believe it or not, he is the one yg break the news that my sister in law is pregnant with a second child. Yippeeee.. Adam kept on telling me last 2 weeks that he's going to have 'adik'. His exact sentence was "Tu adik" pointing to my sister in law who was in the kitchen at that time. So, semua dah tahu la. Hopefully this time perempuan and is as cute as Adam :D. Tapi tak kisah la, asalkan sihat, kan?

So, unproductive weekend :P

I'm not feeling too well, dah rasa nak sakit tekak. Probably too much of cold drinks and ice cream yesterday. Oh ye, and maybe too much of mempelam Harum Manis that Ayah brought from Perlis. Sungguh manis, lazat tak terkata. We only get to enjoy this Perlis mangoes only once a year - in May. Mama was planning to make pulut to eat with the mangoes as how the Perlis people like to eat. I don't really like to eat pulut with mangoes tapi Hubby dah pandai makan bila tengok my parents makan - biasalah dia ni, belasah apa saja :D. But I doubt the mangoes will last till the next weekend, looking at the rate of us eating the mangoes -after lunch & after dinner everyday..hmmmm.
And oh, add an ulcer to that. Been having this ulcer in my mouth since Wednesday, baru hari ni aku nak sapu ubat. So, a bit painful when I talked. I hate it. Both ulcer and sore throat at the same time.

Wah, what a long entry. Sometimes I wonder who bother to read my blog but last Friday I received this sms, from a friend who was hospitalized the whole of last week due to slip disk. She won't let me know which hospital she was admitted, geramnya! But she said she might be able to be released by tomorrow. I really hope so and I pray that she will get well soon. I love you Maff! This sms from you was one of the reason for me to keep blogging :P

Hari ni Mother's Day.. we gave Mama a card. Present belum beli coz Mama wants to choose the handbag she wanted herself but didn't have the time to go. She was also not feeling well. A bit worried about her :(

To all mothers and mother-to-be, Happy Mother's day! You are a Superwoman!

Happy Monday everybody!


cikPijah said...

lerr..tak tau pun maff masuk spital!

Maff!! Angkat tepon!!!

Z.Y. said...

jim & i LOVE mangoes with pulut pastu cuah santan sikit fuhhhhh sgt sedap.. jimmy selalu beli mangoes tapi aku lak tak reti nak buat pulut.. hmm... kalau makan kat kedai je selalu tak best la kan!

Drama Div@ said...

tahun babi ni memang di associatekan ngan tahun buat anak n dapat anak.. kalau tak silap aku lah kan..

~madam diva~

Amy said...

Cik Pij - Tu la.. tapi dia kata hari ni dia kuar. Tak sure la.

Zied - Ye ke? AKu pun tak pernah lagi buat sendiri pulut, takut tak jadi ahahha. I doubt that the mangoes can last till the next weekend for mama to make pulut :D

Diva - Rasanya pun begitu la. Ramai org di sekeliling ku yg baru pregnant. Aku jek belummmm!
Wah, madam diva gitu :P

cikPijah said...

aku dah jejak kasih ngan maff tadi. dia dah kluar last saturday.

Drama Div@ said...

ko kena blaja teknik teknik yang betul... nak pinjam buku?. mintak kat cikpi, dia ada banyak.. ::P

cikpi, i miss you too!!

Fina said...

thanks for the extra INFO amy!


kay said...

amy, nice reading yer blog. happy mother's day to you too!

Amy said...

Cik Pi - Hopefully she will recover soon. Aku wendu kat dia ah!

Diva - Ye ke? Buku karma kah? Ke buku permata yg hilang? eheheheh.

Fina - Keh keh, no problem beb.

Kay - Nice to have you here. Meh la visit2 slalu baca blog saya yg bengong nih :P

kay said...

i selalu baca, tak tau mana nk mencelah jek..

Zetty said...

hahahahahaha...fina sure la tanya pasal kerabat2 dia kat sana.

dasar aci.

Amy said...

Kay - lain kali mencelah jek, cilok, kona baring semua, gua tak kisah :D

Zetty - Ko jgn perli2 bakal besan aku tuh nok! eheheh..