Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have a confession..

Yes, I have a confession.. and you know what? I don't care if you guys wanna laugh at me or underestimate me or..whatever! I just feel that by confessing, I will then be more comfortable writing my blogs after this. Gila moron kan aku ni? Sendiri punya blog pun nak kena rasa comfortable. Pressure, pressure :D

Before that, just want to update that I had lunch with Sandra today..nice, she belanja ehehe. And I did this quiz lepas baca blog Kak Lin. I thought I'm Meredith you know? ehehheh..
Mahu cuba? Click sini

Ok, back to the topic (isk aku mmg suka lari tajuk).

Mmmm..how to write eh? Ok la, for the past 2 weeks, I've been...mmm


here goes.. I've been going to the gym..I've signed up for a gym membership at FF. There! *phew* Yeah, yeah laugh all you can. I don't know whether this is going to be the 'hot-hot-chicken-shit' situation but hey, give me some encouragement, would you? I don't know how it will turn out later. Will I lose weight or will I not? At the moment, I'm enjoying it. Why suddenly , you ask? Entah, lepas pegi dgn Tiyah, and also lepas tengok minah-minah cantik jelita ni rasa macam seronok gak kalau join - so I just joined. I hope the money invested there is enough motivation for me. Of course, it's for my own health, kan? Bak kata encouragement dari hubby "Awak tak pegi situ pun duit habis gak ke tempat lain" when I told him how much it costs. Ok la kan? Tapi encourage, encourage gak...tapi sometimes dia kata plak "Meh ah b,makan nasi sket" Isk, hampeh la.. setakat ni masih mampu melawan godaan. Still trying (the big word here is 'trying') to cut down on rice dan makanan2 yg sewaktu dengannya.

The first day I went to FF, I swear I could die. The muscular pain was too much to handle. Isk, isk.. camner la si Azwar dgn Mary bleh berlari rilek jek ah? But as the trainer said, the first 2 weeks is the hardest.. so aku iye kan je la. I need good shoes too or else, I would injured my ankles as my current shoes now takde cushion support, so sakit sket la.

I've been going on Monday/Wednesday/Friday after work. Last weekend pegi, this weekend I didn't go as I was too tired from the Sports Carnival Sale. So,macam tu la. Kalau larat and free, pegi. I'm taking it slowly, at my own pace.. :)

*tutup mata & telinga - kena baca/dengar comments ke?*



haiyaaa... tu pun pressure ke nak citer?? aku sungguh kagum ngan semangat kental ko tuh. well done amy! wahhh... lepas ni i'll meet a very buffed amy la.

Anonymous said...

Amy, how much you paid for the gym? If u don't mind sharing la..

Amy said...

Keh keh Noresh, tahu je la aku, very the emotional lady. Aduh, I have to work hard la Noresh, I don't think you can see the result in few months time, hopefully by end of the year, I would be able to shed some kilos. HOPEFULLY!

Anon - Paid RM100 something monthly. Maybe doesn't sound much to you tapi utk saya yg bergaji kecil, banyak la tu. So, have to work hard :)

reenazack said...

Kakak, all the best..kekekekeke..

Me n zied signed up to FF together long time ago with determination and then hot-hot-chicken-shit, then quit.

Kalau ade geng, semangat tu membara2 la sket..kalau sorang2 tu agak payah nak memotivasi diri sendiri..

Nevertheless, GUD LUCK..Go amy go!!!

Amy said...

Aje - Aku pun teruja sbb adik aku join. Best bila ada geng sama2.. so, tengok la camner. Aku pun tak berani nak confident sangat :P

cikPijah said...

kudos amy! so proud of you! welkam to gym-a-holic club :p

just remember that you do it for yourself.. not for others.. tht'll keep you going. there will be days when you're lazy but always stick to your target (3x per week) and cut yourself some slack when there come days when you just want to go home and sleep.

way to go amy!

hip! hip!

-aku yang tak slim2 lagi- :(

Anak Daddy said...

Laa... nak gelak buatpa.. tepuk tangan ucap tahniah ada la. Don't forget to join the body jam session kalau suka menari. Zaman rajin lagi gung-ho nak kuruskan badan dulu, A.Teh also join body combat classes. Fuyohh, best! That's where your fat will burn. Memang mengah sikit at the beginning, pastu lama-lama, can get addicted.

I paid RM175/mth (passport membership) and that's a lot to me, so kalau tak pegi rasa rugi sangat. So I guess that motivated me to go almost every day. But mula join ni, take it ez ya?

And yes, cutting down carbo intake is a good idea kalau nak lose weight. Take it from me, yang dulu berat badan pernah sampai 63kg ok? But err... with my condition now, I think I'm getting back to that weight now...

Alamak, panjang pulak tinggal comment...

shell said...

wayyy to go..!

awat tak join clark hatch? boleh gi swimming sesama.. heheh

si DD tu pemalasss sampai la nih tak pegi.. :P

Agreed with Pijah, kalau ada member memang best.. tapi kalau member tu sibuk dating susah gak. kena motivate diri..

Eniwei.. good luck.. and have fun!

Z.Y. said...

hehehe like Aje said. we joined like 4-5 yrs ago together. peer pressure. buang duit je.

gudlak la ye!

(sorry, i'm very pessimistic abt these things now sbb aku dah penah experience)

Drama Div@ said...

callie? ewww. tak basuh tangan. ::P

gym, ya lah.. dah lama siut tak pergi almost 2 months.. nantilah after i bujang balik i pergi la, sekarang ni not-so-bujang.. ::P

Amy said...

Shell & Cik Pij – Thanks for the motivation. I don’t know how long I will last. Kalau tak sekurus korang pun, asalkan weight reduce gradually pun aku dah happy :D . Nak think positive je

Aunty Teh – Yup, Aunty Teh adalah bukti paling nyata that diet and exercise must be done together ehehhe. I just hope my willingness will last :P Takpe, your condition now allow you to eat what you want ok? Tak sabo nak tengok Suhaida junior!

Zied – Yer, aku mmg tahu ko pessimist :P takpe, duit aku kan? Yg rugi nanti aku, yg untung pun aku. Aku cuba je la dulu setakat yg larat :D

Diva - Layan Akim skrang ek? Heheh

konot said...

amy!! aku baru nak baca blog nko setelah beberapa lama nih! hey congratulations dah join gym! FF kat mana ni? kalau dekat2 bleh kita workout sama..

PrincessRen said...

amy, terkezut nyer u ada mention nama i kat sini.. hahahahah.. i main belasah je. but watever u do, dont give up ok.. i know its hard in the beginning, but u'll get thru :)

Amy said...

Konot - welcome back! How's work at the new place? AKu pun dok tunggu ko update :P. Aku join yg dekat Summit, dekat dgn tempat keje lalu KESAS, pastu terus balik umah le - 10 - 15 mins jek dari umah aku

Mary - oh yeah, tell me about it. Aku rasa nak mati jek Mary jek ehehhe. I'm just doing it at my own pace..:D
Thanks for the motivation. I need it!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

amy, i once read Garfield's interpretation on Diet:

"Diet is to Die with a T"


Kalau tak kurus-kurus wpun bertahun pi gym, tak pe. Asalkan you're fitter!

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