Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's that 'Wednesday' again

Went for the same routine checkup yesterday at the gomen hospital, alone. I want to spare my loved ones the frustration of the expected services. Same old story la, and to add spice to it, the parking lot sekarang kena charge. And kalau nak ikutkan dia punya so 'pandai' plan, the designated parking area for public (read :patients with sickness) is so far away, patients would have to walk a good 1km and 1/2 to reach the respective clinics that they're supposed to go. Baguih kan? I was in rush yesterday morning (7.30am) and parked at the usual place without noticing it's supposed to be for staffs. But hey, pak guard tu tak cakap apa pun, tak check pun. Belasah je la kan? Maybe sbb aku sampai awal kut.

The same old question that have been asked for the past 7 plus years :

Doc : How do you feel now?
Me : Ok je

Doc : Period on time?
Me : Yup

Doc : (while referring to the file) Blood test result dah keluar. Your prolactine level normal, macam biasa..bla bla..your last MRI was in 2005, bla blaa..I'll just prescribed the bromocryptine as usual la..
Me : Whatever (Dlm hati je..muehehe)

Doc : Your weight dah reduced la..good.
Me : Erk, saya dah start pegi gym doktor.

Keh keh..reduced pebende? 4 kg in 1 1/2 months...sketnyaaa..jadilah, at least decreasing, bukan increasing..and this very2 busy month, aku rasa aku la penderma terbanyak kat FF sbb tak pegi langsung lagi in July walaupun dah bayar..hmmm

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shell said...

4 kg banyak ler tu kawann.. congrats!

Amy said...

Nak turun susah, nak naik senang :D. Thanks for the motivation ..mowahs

toughcookie said...

ni komen tak relevant but i hope you don't mind me adding your url to page...

take care!

toughcookie said...

opps... typo. ".... to my page".

Amy said...

Toughcookie - No prob dear, I'm flattered. Thanks :D