Friday, July 27, 2007

Mirror..Mirror On the Wall

Left the office early yesterday coz I was fasting. Then in the car, Tiyah told me that Mama and her planning to go to the big blue and yellow building - I.KEA to look for bathroom mirrors for both Tiyah's and Mama's bathrooms. She asked whether I want to follow them. Are you kidding me? I quickly call hubby and asked whether it's ok for him to have dinner alone as I really want to go..super, super please darling? Green light given and off we went after Maghrib.

I.KEA is on sale but we didn't want to browse through all the items as we want to spend more time at the mirror section. So, we just took short cuts and head straight to the mirror section. I thought I saw Inn there tapi tak sempat nak tegur.

Kitaorg tiga org dok measure the mirrors, then giggling, then laughing. Seriously I could not remember what was it about but memang kalau kita 3 orang kuar, sure macam ni..entah apa-apa but mesti gelak. Tiyah will be the one cracking a joke, as usual. After 1/2 hour of measuring and giggling, Mama settled down for a huge suqare mirror with a nice floral print at all 4 corners of the mirror and Tiyah on the other hand chose a round shape superstar-look mirror - I love it.
I was eyeing this cupboard that I like but I think I'm going to pass this time coz there isn't enough space in my room with all the built-in cupboards. Maybe later bila dah ada own place yg entah bila..Oh, masa nak buat payment..I saw Y.asmin Ahmad, also making payment at the next lane. She saw me looking (read:staring) at her and to my surprise, she gave me a big smile. So friendly. She tegur and said "Besarnya cermin" and the star-struck me just answered "Ha'ah, untuk bathroom" ..budus le aku ni. I've always admire her work since the P.etronas advert that she's been doing..and been watching all her films, except G.ubra, tak sempat tengok. Also been reading her blog everyday and she's now completed 'M.ualaf' , didn't notice plak bila release. Apparently, Rosnah was also there. I sms her to confirm that I.KEA is on sale and she replied much later that she too just got back from I.KEA.

To end our I.KEA trip, we had the usual RM2 currypuff and soft drink treat. And RM1 ice cream too. Sedapnya karipap panas tu, I just didn't like the boiled egg in it. As usual, sambil makan tu pun kitaorg bertiga dok sembang and gelak2..Mama and me hate the new chairs at the cafe, it's a tall chair and dia punya seat tu so small - rasa tak confident duduk. So, we were like sitting but with one leg on the floor, as a precaution in case kerusi tu patah hahahah..tak baik betul la, insulting tau utk org badan2 besar dan punggung2 besar bila depa letak kerusi macam tu, I prefer the old one.

I had to work this Saturday - ada exam. Bosan! Have a nice weekend you all!


Roti Kacang Merah said...

agak-agak kalau amy tanya kak min, "hari tu you ada amek gambar dengan kawan blogger i yang 'comel' lepas tgk gamelan kat KLPac", dia ada ingat tak...? *grins*

Inn said...

i thot i saw u too hovering the bathroom section with your Mama and sis but i wasnt so sure it was really, really you. Dont think we ever spoke before so I was afraid u actually wont recognize me. hehe. Also i takut if salah orang coz just as I masuk IKEA i said hi to someone I tot was from my past but salah orang. heh.

Drama Div@ said...

the weekend is finally here!!! Hope you have a terrific weekend!

Amy said...

Kak Lin - Keh keh..entah, tah berapa ribu org dia dah jumpa, kalau tanya dia hari ni pun entah2 dia tak ingat dah :P

Inn - So, it was you! You looked prettier la.. next time tegur ok? Hehhe mmg phobia kalau dah tegur org, tengok2 salah plak..hmm by the way, siapa tu yg meneman? *giggles*

Diva - *hugs* u too babe. Have a splendid weekend! mowahs