Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Adam Irfan is TWO!

It was a family event - but Mama unfortunately could not join coz she was involved in another activity. B was not there too as he was in Kuantan fishing with the brothers. Abang did most of the cooking - sgt sedap and his teh tarik is to die for. I lost count of how many cups of teh tarik I had that night, but too many I think :P

The birthday boy wasn't feeling so well either, like me. So, dia takde mood sgt..took a long time to warm up. Masa nyanyi 'Happy Birthday' pun, he looked a little lost. Lepas main dgn kawan2 dia baru nampak dia ok sket.The theme of the party was blue and white. I wore blue and white floral long skirt and baby blue blouse. Pak Teh and Haiza were also there and had a nice time chatting with them.

There were no pictures of food taken as I was busy helping (actually busy makan dan tengok). But I did take some pictures of Adam, the cake, and others. Cake was made by Noresh, I requested for a Mickey Mouse cake as Adam loves the Mickey Mouse. Coincidentally, Noresh made a blue and white cake without me telling her of the party's theme color. The theme color pun Abang told me only after I had ordered the cake and I didn't want to trouble Noresh and let her do it with her own creativity.

I think Adam looked cute in the denim shirt and jeans. Oh, my sis in law too. She looked extra pretty that night. Ni bukan nak bodek tau, she's not reading my blog pun. But I think she's very lovely, that's why Adam comey. And now that she's pregnant, muka dia makin berseri. I hope to get a niece this time, as pretty as her. Tapi tak kisahla baby boy ke girl, janji sihat cukup, ye dak? Enjoy the pics. I am sleepy - believe it or not, I still haven't recovered from the flu and I still felt weak. Wish I could just go and buy a new nose at Giant :((

Betul tak aku cakap kakak ipar aku lawa? Cuba tengok dlm video ni..


aishah said...

eppi bedday adam yg tomey.. n yes.. your sis in law memang cantik.. berseri2 je mukanyer

Nomee said...

Geli hati tengok muka Adam. Blur je depan cake.
..and moga cepat sembuh Amy.

cikPijah said...

saper yg terusik cake adam sampai comot tu?!!!! :p

yepp.. ur sis in law mmg berseri-seri mukanyer.

Amy said...

Aishah - Thks..weh invite le aku ke blog ko..yer dia mmg lawa, tak jemu mata memandang cewahh.

Nomee - Bleh dengar kan suara aku gelak dlm video tu. Aku pun tak tahan tengok..selalu hyper jek..tetiba bila dia tengok ramai kerumun dia terus blur..Thanks Nomee, aku dah telan pil selesema entah kali ke berapa dah. Letih la

Cik Pi - Tiyah yg terusik, I think because the cake box tu ngam-ngam sgt. Then kononnya nak kaut balik krim tepi tu letak balik, sekali terkuat sgt terus terkena no 2 tu. Aku punyalah marah. heheheh. Tu la berseri kan? Aku pun nak gak rasa berseri-seri ni...bilo la.. tak ikut diva gi Mumbai?