Monday, December 31, 2007

My last post in 2007

Hari ni cuti lagik.. :D

Some picture updates of the last weekend of 2007...

I met Ros and Kak Dilla on Friday, much to the dismay of Zied, Raff and Aje who sent nasty smses coz I plan the meet up on a working day heehheehe. Can't help it coz I was on leave and Ros pun ada hal lain on Saturday. So promised them that I'll organize another meet up soon and definitely on Saturday. So, girls (Zied, Raff and Aje)..these pictures are dedicated for you. Muahahhaha.
Sedap gila makan kat Alexis, Gardens kat Mid Valley tuh. Pejam2 mata la kesedapannya. Environment dia pun best, org tak ramai..nicely decorated.

Later malam tu, ada family gathering kat rumah Pak Teh in Ampang. Finally, we meet up with our cousins from Brunei - Kamil, Wanie and Shafiq. Last jumpa diaorg masa Kamil baru umur 9 tahun I think. He is now 19, very good looking, Wanie is now 17, cun siot and Shafiq now 13 ke 14 dah. They are my arwah Pakcik's children. Arwah Pakcik married Makcik Ana and worked in Brunei. I managed to get Wanie's email and hopefully lepas ni can keep in touch more often. I promised her that I will send pictures of our events here, what's more with Albi's wedding come April 08 and Aliff's engagement next year too.

They are here only for a few days. We ate, laughed, tell stories especially when they were little and when arwah Pakcik was still around. Kamil played the guitar and Pak Teh's daughter played the piano..Albi and Haiza were singing along. *sigh* It was a wonderful moment - captured by my camera as well as Ayah's..

The night had to end.I thought I could hold back my tears but knowing me kan? kan? Entahlah..when I hugged Wanie goodbye, I could feel arwah Pakcik's warmth. Arwah Pakcik was my mother's youngest brother so being the youngest, he was a cool uncle. Always teasing us and making jokes. And when I hugged Makcik Ana, I could feel him, you know? *wiping tears* I know he's watching us and I could imagine him smiling, happy to see us reunited again after so long.

I really miss you, Pakcik. Really!

Aliff (in the picture, he was the one beside Tiyah, sitting on the floor) told me that night that he 'stumbled' upon my blog not long ago and has been reading since. CeSs..he even read all my archives. Ya rabbi budak nih! That's what he did when he was bored during his off shore task. He claimed that by reading my blog, he gets to be updated of the family happenings while he was away. Ok la, at least my blog serves a purpose for this cousin of mine. Hi Aliff! *wave*wave* :P

Special thanks to two Aishah's in my life. Aishah for helping me with this new look. Aku terkial2 dgn html dia and she has helped me a lot. And Aisha for the guidance on downloading my favorite series... baik hati budak nih! :D

Happy 2008 for all of you readers... jom bukak buku baru :D


cik ros said...

Pizza dia sedap gila.

cik puan ajk,
perjumpaan seterusnya di sunway pyramid ok jugak.

dan setelah di ym kan bersama cik p, session seterusnya urut beramai2 di the curve.

sila usulkan proposal saya ini ye.

Drama Div@ said...

happy new year!!

Amy said...

Cik Ros - Nak buat sekali ke pyramid dan curve tuh? Ke asing2? Kita kena discuss date la sbb ada kawan kita tu pegi obersea dua kali January ni :).

Zal - Happy new year too!

aisha said...

uih.. makan2.. nyam nyam..alaa.. akak ni.. malu ni.. malu ni.. 'blink..blink..blink..' shy.. shy... jangan sampai ketagih dok nengok citer akak udah kay... pe pun, inform kay bila akakku yg busy ni tak busy nak amik GA kat saya kay.. selamat taun baru gak..

aishah badaruddin said...

eppi new yr amy..

Zetty said...

beef sandwich nampak yummy..!!

happy new year amy comey!

Amy said...

Sangat membosankan ok datang keje hari ni selepas puas berlingkar kat rumah :P

Sha - Saya mmg sejak azali pemalu. Tapi bila saya dah kenai, mak aihh borak tak ingat dunia! :P Nanti kita calling2 kay?

Aishah - Happy New year..

Zetty - Mmg sgt yummy.. you called me Amy comey?? *hugs* you made my day today la bebehh!