Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tagged again!

Kena tagged lagi by Kak Nomee..

Here goes :

1. What is your blogging name?

2. When did you start blogging, exact date?
August 2006, tak ingat exact date. But I started in Friendster

3. What was your first title?
Story of My Life

4. Which posting you feel is the best post so far?
I think my Umrah trip coz it feels good

5. Who promote/source of inspiration for you to blog?
A friend

6. When dya usually post entries?
Most of the time, after 9pm weekdays

7. Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
In my room

8. Have you met other bloggers? Who?
Of course coz most of the bloggers in my link are my college friends. Oh, I've met Zetty too! :)

9. How many entries you made in a month? Average
I post an entry every 2 days...tengah sakan la katakan :P

10. Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?
Already did

11. Would you promote your friends to blog? Why?
Yes, I think it's much better than friendster's blog because of it's many features

12. Would you feel restless/guilty concious/incomplete if you didnt blog for a month?
Yes, :D

13. Define blogging.
A medium for me to express my thoughts and to share stories/experiences with my friends

Ok, I'm not tagging can do it if you want to.


aisha said...

Akakkkkk!!! Tuko la color background!!!! tak dapek nak baca dgn aman damai la.. kit mata... huhuhuhuhu..

Inn said...

happy new year beb. here's to a year filled with more love and joy for your n hubby. and thanks for this blog. it gave me a chance to get to know u. *hugs*

Amy said...

Sha - eheheh tukau lagik..rasanya yg sekarang much better. Kawan kita yg nama Aishah tu tolong ehehe. Awak jgn jerit2 lagi ok?? *hugs*

Inn - Happy new year to you too bebeh.