Monday, May 05, 2008

15 pet peeves..tagged by Zied

I'm having the time of my life coz I'm not working at the moment..macam holiday tapi dah tak yah pikir pasal pending work, ngadap TV, ngadap internet, lunch dgn parents, slept for 10 hours. Tapi kan, kan... virus sakit aku ni mmg suka datang time aku nak berehat ni tau, sore throat la, migraine la, sakit belakang la...tapi takpe, I get to rest as much as I want this week. I just got back from Perlis last Saturday. Sunday were spent resting and sleeping - me, Zul and Tiyah. Parents are on their way back today, Ayah had just sms me that they are now in Taiping. Dah boleh bau mempelam ok? I can't wait ngeh favorite!

I went to Langkawi too, was an unplanned trip, day trip je... more on that in later post people. Saya hutang Zied satu tag.. here goes

Amy's 15 Pet Peeves (in no particular order):

1) Bed shaking/movement while I'm sleeping - Poor hubby had to wear socks on the sofa rather than sitting on the bed so as not to wake me up. I normally woke up to the slightest sound of opening door, toilet flush, cupboard door sound etc. I will get cranky after that especially when I was about to fall asleep. Tapi kalau dah penat sangat, lena je...I didn't even noticed he came back from work and had joined me in bed.

2) People who jump queues and dgn tak malu mengorder apa dia nak dgn muka innocent

3) At ATM machines, when the person before me after withdrawing money, took another card and start another transaction...always, always happened to me. Tak suka nya!!

4) Lack of common courtesy - Put the phone on silent mode when you're in cinema. I just hate it when although you have put your phone on silent mode,when the phone vibrates to indicate there is a call coming, you went ahead and answer the phone. Kalau urgent call dari family member pun, tak bleh ke ko lari kuar jap jawab call tu instead of yakking away during the movie. Bukan sekali plak tu, every half an hour! Apakah?

5) People who smoke in air conditioned room/area/restaurant. Common sense la weh tempat aircond ko nak smoking plak. Bila kena tegur, bleh cakap plak 'Takde pun signage kata tak boleh merokok' ..aiyOohh, mana sekolah daaaa?

6) Rude customer service personnel - if you can't even smile, or talk nicely, I suggest you find other job

7) People yg so-called cooking pro who make remarks to me like "Alah, kenapa pakai *tut*tut* buat kuah spaghetti, senang je buat sauce sendiri" or "Kenapa nak pakai instant base for pizza, kan senang buat sendiri"... boleh shut up dak? Boleh tak ko urus keluarga ko sendiri and let me manage mine? Barang2 instant di dunia ni dicipta untuk menyenangkan kaum wanita yg sibuk dgn kerjaya (huhuhu)..kalau aku tak support product diaorg, saper lagi nak support? muahhaha. The funny part is bila dia nak masak gulai ke tumis sambal ke, pakai plak rempah Adabi ke Baba's ke, Alagappa's ke... kenapa tak giling je cili sendiri, rempah sendiri kak oi kalau dah terror sangat semua nak buat sendiri? Hmphhhh..

8) People who like to talk about themselves..please!

9) Inconsiderate drivers

10) People who like to stare - it's rude you know.

11) Loud/high pitched music/voice while I'm concentrating on work.

12) Orang yg suka tumpang kereta tapi tak tepati masa, pastu suka minta singgah sana sini. Ingat aku taxi driver ko?? Get your own car la!

13) People who cannot make decision what they want to order although they have been in the queue for 10 minutes.

14) So-called 'friends' who still didn't get the hint that I want nothing to do with them anymore but still call me at odd hours. Sms boleh dak cakap amende yg ko nak sebenornya.

15) I hate ironing clothes...hate it, hate it. But I hate wrinkled clothes I hate when I'm in the dilemma of ironing clothes just for the sake of hating wrinkled clothes. Faham dak? Hahhaaha..I just wish there is a washing machine that after it's done, it's wrinkle free and ready to be wear...yeah, rite.

There you go Zied. My 15 pet peeves. Now I wanna tag these people - Kodeng, Juliah (so that dia update blog dia!), Kak Dilla (same reason!), Konot (same reason!) & Nomee.

Isk, aku tak siram pokok lagi...mama balik japgi matila gua dia tengok pokok dia dah kuning2 kering...

Kalau la aku dok rumah aku sendiri nanti, aku nak tanam pokok bunga plastik je kat laman boleh dak? Tak payah sirammm-siramm (pemalass!)


aisha said...

akak memang pemalas.. ada ke nak tanam pokok bunga plastik.. baik takyah letak pokok bunga pun akak.. heheheheh.. no 3 and 13 mmg sgt menyakitkan ati kay.. harus hukum tembak org seperti itu.. so, slamat beristeri rehat.. sampai bila? nak ak GA ni? alang2 dok umah je tgk tv..

myheartbleeds said...

amy -- that's me #3!! haha... always need to withdraw cash more than once at the ATM machine... and my pet peeve is mendengar orang belakang mendengus sebab kena tunggu!!! you know what? lagi lah I lengah-lengahkan!!! hope we'll never ever be in the same queue at the ATM machine!!!

Amy said...

Sha - Hik hik sampai nak hukum tembak eh? Pasal GA tu, dah dapat sms? :P

Myheartbleeds - hahahhahah ye ke? AiyoyOo...the only common ATM for both of us would be M*ybank (yg I malas nak parking) or C*mB kat TPM la kan? Now that I no longer work there takde la dah. :P

Anak Daddy said...

Ohh... A.Teh sungguh tension kalau no. 2 jadikk. Esssspecially when I'm really hungry.

BTW, A.Teh can't read Zied's blog anymore tsk...tsk... cakap le kat dia to invite A.Teh (*muka tak malu*). Her blog is really fun to read.

Amy said...

A.Teh - Hihhihi..ok.Will send her your email address. She's in Korea now work trip.

Zetty said...

aku sokong kau punya no 7!

Amy said...

Zetty - I heart you! Hihihi. Bila ko nak hapdate nih?? Ko dgn Fina takde nak ter lunch ke Pyramid ke this week? Bleh aku join skali :P hangkut si Pijah tu sama!

Z.Y. said...

yeahoo! amilia dah buat tag aku!! my life is now complete ehehe

emm.. ateh u ni i kenal tak? or does she know any of my inlaws?? haha cos i talk bad abt my inlaws here a lot.. kalau la word gets back to them, mati aku!

so how ah.. aku dlm dilemma cos i dono her.. tell her sorry la cos i hv to consider my privacy :)

lemme think abt it first ok :)

Z.Y. said...

amy, ok i've seen your ateh's blog and she sounds cool (i don't take that long to think hehe).

dear ateh, i hope i won't bore u with my rants once i allow u into my world... kalau tak tahan, toksah baca i lagi ok hehe yg selalu baca i tu adalah org2 yg really know me inside out (hopefully) and they know that i don't mean any harm if i say bad things in my blog. they're just my thots that i can't say out loud and instead say in there. thanks for reading me anyways.

btw, ur baby is so cute. i hope i'll get one of those one day.

take care to amy and ateh :)

Amy said...

Zied - No worries dear. Ateh aku cool. A cool lawyer..hihihih.

shell said...

uish.. garang jugak akak amy kita nih :P

Amy said...

Shell - Hehhehehe...tau takpe. I'm nice to my friends only :)

Nadia said...

kat umah aku lak sume pokok takde bunga. sume hijauuu je..hehe.
tu pun byk mati gak sbb kat sini paneh sgt la. err.. ke aku yg tak reti jaga. heheheh

Amy said...

Nana - Ayah aku suruh tanam kaktus je keliling rumah, sbb tak yah siram. Keh keh..tapi sian la plak kucing2 kang lalu terkena duri :)

Anak Daddy said...

Milia: Haritu toksu mai KL bawak harum manis sekotak... yeahooo! apa lagi... tanak pulut le...

Zied: No worries. I dunno your inlaws and ehemm... best part is, i've got goldfish memory i.e: only remember things for 2 seconds, pastu lupa. My friends think i've got selected memory. So not to worry coz apa aja I read, do and said, I will lupa lepas tu.

Amy said...

Aunty Teh - Penuh satu kereta ok Ayah bawa balik...sanggup tu tunggu sampai Isnin ladang mangga tu bukak baru balik mai KL. Weekend ni mmg confirm tanak pulut ni..but Milia tak makan la pulut dgn mangga. Pulut ayam je